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A grimoire (魔道書 madōsho) — called a grymoire (魔導書 madōsho) in XBlaze world — also known as a code (儀式(コード) kōdo, ritual),[1] is an item of sorcery that can utilize the magic element.[2][3]


Grimoires were created by Nine during the Great Dark War.[3] The World Void Information Control Organization manages them, meaning they have a sort of monopoly on it; because of their control of grimoires, they earned the moniker of the “Library”.[4]

Despite their name, grimoires don’t appear as books, generally speaking, and can appear as a multitude of different objects, the Truth Grimoire appearing as a hand-held mirror, for example. The most infamous and powerful grimoire of them all is the Blue Grimoire, which can tap into the power of the Blue.

Grimoires vary by rank, their power depends on the degree of smelting.[3]

Basically all magic weapons are equipped with a grimoire.[3]


Grimoires in BlazBlue world
Grymoires in XBlaze world



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