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The Gallia Sphyra: Outseal (朱弾(ガリアスフィラ)=アウトシール Garia Sufira: Autoshīru, Red Bullet: Outseal) is a spear that is a Legacy Weapon replica wielded by Mai Hazuki. According to Kajun Faycott who reconstructed it, its power is equal to the original Legacy Weapon.

Outseal is an Immortal Breaker, a weapon capable of defeating the undead. Similarly to the Izayoi, which was based on a Legacy Weapon, Outseal has the ability to harm immortal beings. In addition, it possesses the power to change direction mid-flight after being thrown in order to home into its target. Furthermore, Outseal can quickly heal the wounds of its wielder and teaches them how to use it just by being held. Its user can also summon the spear whenever they need it. Outseal is currently tuned to Mai and only she is able to use its powers.

It is unknown if the replica has a price of use, though it initially lacked a limiter and its wielder ran the risk of having their soul consumed by the spear if they used too much of its power.



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