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Minerva (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Artwork)

Minerva as she appears in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

The Ex Machina: Minerva (自動人形(エクスマキナ)・ミネルヴァ Ekusu Makina: Mineruva, JP Automatic Doll: Minerva, LA From Machine: Minerva) was an automaton with the Idea Engine equipped. It was an Embryo Storage number 3.[1]

Using notes left by Konoe Ayatsuki Mercury and Relius Clover on Machine God: Nirvana, Kokonoe Mercury built Minerva for Celica Ayatsuki Mercury. It both protects her and acts as an amplifier for her powers.

Her power source was a miniaturized reactive furnace (反応炉 hannō ro) created by gathering and combining the energy in all the reactive weapons in the world Kokonoe could find.

Minerva self-destructed to destroy Corpse Burial: Requiem, as it should have exploded as soon as the time-stop ends, destroying the whole world.



  1. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend, Celica A. Mercury’s character select artwork. Minerva has marks on her helmet and her additional arms. The one on her helmet says: “Embryo Storage Unit No. 03”, while marks on her arms say: “Es No. 03”.


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