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Japanese quotes English translations Note
Standing throws
遅い。 Osoi. Slow. Regular match
展開。 Tenkai. Unfolding.
Jumping throws
失礼します。 Shitsureishimasu. Excuse me. Regular match
落ちてください。 Ochite kudasai. Please fall down.

Drive moves[]

Japanese quotes English translations Note
Crest Arts
断ち切る。 Tachikiru. Severing. Regular match
これで…! Korede…! Here…!
いきます。 Ikimasu. Approaching.
そこです。 Soko desu. There.


Japanese quotes English translations Note
Type: Amplifier – "Avalon"
魔素、最大つ力。 Maso, saidaitsuryoku. Magic element, maximum power. Regular match
ここまでです。 Kokomade desu. That’s it.

Exceed Accel[]

Japanese quotes English translations Note
Type: Braver – "Lancelot"
対象拘束。タイプ:ブレイヴァー…「ランスロット」! Taishō kōsoku. Taipu: Bureivā… "Ransurotto"! Restricting target. Type: Braver… Lancelot! Regular match

Special moves[]

Japanese quotes English translations Note
Type: Shooter – "Breunor"
「ブルーノ」…放て。 "Burūno"… Hanate. "Breunor"… Release it. Regular match
これで…如何です? Korede… Dōdesu? Here… How is it?
Type: Slasher – "Gawain"
「ガウェイン」。 "Gawein". "Gawain". Regular match
や! Ya! Hya!
Type: Slasher – "Mordred"
「モルドレッド」…薙ぎ払う。 "Morudoreddo"… Nagiharau. "Mordred"… Lay down. Regular match, 2 hits
や!ちゃ! Ya! Cha! Hya! Chya!
Type: Slasher – "Griflet"
「グリフレット」…落ちて。 "Gurifuretto"… Ochite. "Griflet"… Fall down. Regular match, with Enchanter
甘い。止め。 Amai. Todome. Naive. Finishing.
Type: Assaulter – "Erec"
「エレック」…実行します。 "Erekku"… Jikkō shimasu. "Erec"… Executed. Regular match
「エレック」…失敗。 "Erekku"… Shippai. "Erec"… Failure.
Type: Enchanter – "Bors"
「ボールス」! "Bōrusu"! "Bors"! Regular match
充填返し。 Jūten-gaeshi. Filling back.
Type: Assaulter – "Tristan"
とう!は!「トリスタン」! Tō! Ha! "Torisutan"! Tsh! Ha! "Tristan"! Regular match, 3 hits
しゅ!は!終わりです。 Shu! Ha! Owari desu. Sh! Ha! It’s the end.

Distortion Drives[]

Japanese quotes English translations Note
Type: Shooter – "Palomides"
タイプ:シューター「パロミデス」! Taipu: Shūtā – "Paromidesu"! Type: Shooter – "Palomides"! Regular match
Type: Slasher – "Galahad"
タイプ:スラッシャー…「ガラハッド」。 Taipu: Surasshā… "Garahaddo". Type: Slasher… "Galahad". Regular match
Type: Enchanter – "Percival"
タイプ:エンチャンター…「パーシヴァル」。 Taipu: Enchantā… "Pāshivaru". Type: Enchanter… "Percival". Regular match
魔素充填…行きます! Maso jūten… Ikimasu! Replenishing the magic element… Ready!

Astral Heat[]

Japanese quotes English translations Note
Type: Exterminator – "Artorius"
タイプ…エクスターミネーター…「アルトリウス」!対象壊す…魔素充填返し。 Taipu… Ekusutāminētā… "Arutoriusu"! Taishō kowasu… Maso jūten-gaeshi. Type… Exterminator… "Artorius"! Target destroyed… Replenishing back the magic element. Regular match

Win quotes[]

English quotes Japanese quotes English translations Note
Detecting noises in database. "10 Sages," "Grim Reaper", "Black Beast." VS Ragna
Nox Nyctores Yukianesa silence confirmed. Now withdrawing from battlefield. VS Jin
I cannot allow your Eyes to see the gate. Commencing termination. VS Noel
Sankishin Tsukuyomi Unit's absolute defense disabled. Now commencing termination of target. VS Rachel
Target unable to resume combat. ...You cannot have my pudding. VS Taokaka
Magnetic field dissipating... target silenced. Now exiting combat mode. VS Tager
You have no right to bear the Azure. Resist any further, and I will put you down with force. VS Litchi
Boundary readings detected from within target. Data harvest complete. Now exterminating target. VS Arakune
Target, neutralized. Engines stopped... Covenant Blade, Murakumo, entering standby mode. VS Bang
Nox Nyctores, Deus Machina: Nirvana, disabled. Resuming combat, deemed impossible. Proceeding to next waypoint. VS Carl
Sankishin Susano'o Unit... Your power is equal to that of the Azure. Per my directive, I will eliminate you. VS Hakumen
Murakumo Unit... why do you fight? VS Nu
Izayoi... cross-referencing database. "Ishana," "10 sages," "Wizard." VS Tsubaki
No one shall claim the Azure. For that is my directive. VS Hazama
Godslayer... Your coming in contact with the gate is extremely dangerous. I have no choice but to eliminate you. VS Mu
Searching database... "Family." Whose memories are these...? VS Makoto
Target's threat level declined severely. Confirmed beast-form has been neutralized. Mission accomplished. VS Valkenhayn
...I'm sorry. I cannot give you my pudding. VS Platinum
I am a... "doll"...? No, I'm... I do not know. VS Relius
I am the gatekeeper. Protecting the Azure is everything. Good and Evil does not exist. VS Izayoi
You may be an Observer, but I cannot permit you entering the gates. Commencing termination. VS Amane
Termination, complete... Damage, minimal. Resuming mission. VS Bullet
Target's threat level still increasing... removing safety. Commencing termination. VS Azrael
A da...te? Unable to compute. Eliminating target. VS Kagura
Analyzing noise in the database... "Curry," "Part-time job," "Ringo". Unable to compute... VS Kokonoe
Spiritual form terminated. No abnormalities within the "gate." Resuming mission. VS Terumi
... Do you know me? VS Celica
Dimensional Interface Prime Field Device... You and I are similar... yet we are very different. VS Lambda
Dummies silenced. Target neutralized. Terminating combat mode. VS Hibiki
Command search override detected... "Touya Kagari," "Important person." Does not compute... VS Naoto
...I don't understand. Why do your eyes look so sad...? VS Nine
Unable to detect declide in target threat level. Recharging magic levels... Resuming combat mode. VS Izanami
Removal of irregularity, complete. Combat faculties unimpaired. Resuming... VS Es
Massive increase in output detected... Unable to compute. Cartridge reload... accessing all magic output units. Disengaging all safeties. VS Susanoo
Detecting minor readings of Azure from target... Forcibly transporting you to non-combat zone. VS Mai
VS Jūbei


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