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Es can be handled as an offensive rush-down type with constant pressure, which is mostly her style. However, she can also be played as patient and strategic due to her versatile move set along with her Crest (紋章(クレスト) Kuresuto) ability and enhancers.

Command list[]

Basic moves[]

Input Damage Heat gain
A ? ?
BBCF Es 5A Standard jab, can cancel consecutively.
Input Damage Heat gain
B 600 ?
BBCF Es 5B A single handed slash with decent range
Input Damage Heat gain
C 750 ?
BBCF Es 5C A bringing slash, good range. A round start option.
Input Damage Heat gain
2A ? ?
BBCF Es 2A Low hitting jab (despite its look, it doesn't count as a low). Cancels into itself as well.
Input Damage Heat gain
2B 530 ?
BBCF Es 2B Es slashes forward bringing her sword behind her back. Hits low and has decent range. It has a quite the hitbox for a low, even extending to catch opponents in the air.
Input Damage Heat gain
2C 800 ?
BBCF Es 2C A low slash attack aimed above. Optional anti-air. Jump cancel able on block.
Input Damage Heat gain
3C 790 ?
BBCF Es 3C A sweeping slash.

Sometimes a good poke. Knocksdown. On counter hit, the knockdown lasts long enough to pick up a combo with a dash up normal OTG.

Input Damage Heat gain
6A 650 ?
BBCF Es 6A Es swipes the opponent with a double 'open up' kick.

Has low invul. Hits overhead. One of the slower hitting overheads. Good mixup option during pressure, although due to its slow startup it’s easy to react to.

Input Damage Heat gain
6B 760 ?
BBCF Es 6B Swings her sword aiming high. Good Anti-air. Enough range for a round start move. Decent startup.
Input Damage Heat gain
6C 700, 720 ?
BBCF Es 6C A powerful jab with the base of the handle of Es’ sword. Has great hitsun and is a good attack for crouch confirms. Dashing version can blow-back opponent midscreen and causes a small wall-bounce near corner. Dashing version also causes a Fatal Counter. This attack will always blow-back airborne opponents on hit even with no dash.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
? ?
BBCF Es jA Aerial jab, cancels into itself.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
630 ?
BBCF Es jB An aerial crosshanded slash. Main air-to-air combo bringer into jump BB. Good aerial poke.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
770 ?
BBCF Es jBB Followup to jump B.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
850 ?
BBCF Es jC A single handed aerial turning slash. Very good air attack with great range. Has the range to very easily crossup. Main air to ground tactic. Also good in air-to-air combos.


Input Damage Heat gain
BC 1500 ?
BBCF Es B+C Es unleashes a Crest spike upon the opponent launching them upward making them airborne.
Input Damage Heat gain
4BC 1500 ?
BBCF Es 4BC Es forms a crest circle that then claws opponent. Side-swaps.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
1500 ?
BBCF Es j.B+C Es falls upon the opponent. Brings them down to ground.

Counter Assault[]

Crush Trigger[]

Input Damage Heat gain
AB ? ?
BBCF Es CT Es slashes to release a crest spike.

Can be used to extend combos midscreen but limits the execution.


Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
D クレストアーツ
Kuresuto Ātsu
Crest Arts ? ?
Summons a Crest on the trajectory of the slash; for setups, additional damage, and execution.
Input Damage Heat gain
D 730 ?
BBCF Es 5D An aimed downward slashing attack bringing inward after initial slash.
Input Damage Heat gain
2D 760 ?
BBCF Es 2D Es slides toward with her sword.

Reverse slashing attack aimed slightly upward. Mainly used in pressure blockstrings. Has a slower startup.

Input Damage Heat gain
6D 850
BBCF Es 6D A flipping slash with Es handling her sword on her waist.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
800 ?
BBCF Es jD 360 degree turning slash. A decent amount of range, enough to crossup confirm in a situation. Mainly used for air to ground combo endings for after combo pressure. On a solid confirm, this attack brings good damaging combos, as well as setups.


Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
Taipu: Anpurifaia “Avaron”
Type: Amplifier – “Avalon” ? ?
BBCF (Es Overdrive) Doubles the number of hits of Crests.

Exceed Accel[]

Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
(during Overdrive)
Taipu: Bureivā “Ransurotto”
Type: Braver – “Lancelot” 2000
4000 (Active Flow)
BBCF Es Braver Lancelot Es slashes the opponent into the air, Then smashing down finishing them with a massive Crest.

During Active Flow version, the massive Crest sticks the opponent causing consecutive hits.

Special moves[]

Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
(air also)
Taipu: Shūtā “Burūno”
Type: Shooter – “Breunor” 800, 1000 ?
BBCF Es 236A-B Launches a projectile. Ground version flies forward, air version flies diagonally forward and down. Es is able to project another projectile from the first one afterwards whether in order from A version to B version or B version to A version. Can also dual project A version and B version at the same time (Exactly right before the first projectile input). If the second projectile catches up with the first one, it will enhance its properties.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
214B Type:Slasher(タイプ:スラッシャー)「ガウェイン」
Taipu: Surasshā “Gawein”
Type: Slasher – “Gawain” 1000, 1800, 1300 ?
BBCF Es 214B Hops forwards to slash heavily onto her opponent. Can be delayed. This attack is invulnerable to lows. Enchanted version will follow-up with a crest attack. Hits overhead. Fatal counters on CH.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
214C Type:Slasher(タイプ:スラッシャー)「モルドレッド」
Taipu: Surasshā “Morudoreddo”
Type: Slasher – “Mordred” ? ?
BBCF Es 214C-2 Es performs a dashing slash creating a crest ring. Enchanted version projects crests from the ring. Can crossup opponents on hit in certain situations.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
(after Mordred)
Tsuika kōgeki
Additional attack ? ?
BBCF Es 214C-214C An upward flip slash creating a second ring, good vertical range. Main BnB ender. In enchanted version, additional crest attacks occur. Enchanted version is good for combo carrying. Can as well cause crossing up on hit.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
(air also)
Taipu: Surasshā “Gurifuretto”
Type: Slasher – “Griflet” ? ?
BBCF Es 623C Es slashes forward Invulnerably into a rising slash covered with crests. Enhanced version will follow-up with an additional crest spike attack that brings opponent to ground, This leaves opponent open to further combo.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
214A Type:Assaulter(タイプ:アサータ)「エレック」
Taipu: Asāta “Erekku”
Type: Assaulter – “Erec” ? ?
BBCF Es 214A Command Throw.

Hops forwards to land upon opponent. Es falls to the ground on whiff and is vulnerable to a punish. If lands, she then launches the opponent upward with a kick. Brings good damage in combos.

Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
214D Type:Enchanter(タイプ:エンチャンター)「ボールス」
Taipu: Enchantā “Bōrusu”
Type: Enchanter – “Bors” ? ?
BBCF Es 214D Makes Es’ specials create additional Crest attack add-ons. Special attacks will be enhanced a single time. An icon above her Heat Gauge indicates that her next special is enhanced. Her Drive attacks Crest effect can also be delayed longer.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
(in air)
Taipu: Asāta “Torisutan”
Type: Assaulter – “Tristan” 600, 600, 900
BBCF Es j2BBBCF Es j2BBB Es spikes the opponent with a hop-kick of small crests. Midair trampling rekka.
Has two follow-ups that are performed by pressing B twice more.
Second B can carry air combos into ground combos.
Third B is a main aerial combo ender.

Distortion Drives[]

Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
(air also)
Taipu: Shūtā “Paromidesu”
Type: Shooter – “Palomides” 2200 ?
BBCF Es ShooterPalamedes Es spins with her sword, then unleashes a massive projectile. The angle can be adjusted depending on button inputs.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
632146C Type:Slasher(タイプ:スラッシャー)「ガラハッド」
Taipu: Surasshā “Garahaddo”
Type: Slasher – “Galahad” 1000, 2500 ?
BBCF Es SlasherGalahad Es envelopes herself into a crest circle then powerfully charges at the opponent. On hit, it will pierce the opponent for massive damage.
Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
632146D Type:Enchanter(タイプ:エンチャンター)「パーシヴァル」
Taipu: Enchantā “Pāshivaru”
Type: Enchanter – “Percival” ? ?
BBCF Es Type Enchanter Percival Enhances Drive attacks and her specials. Unlike Bors, enhances all attacks during the duration of her special gauge. All specials are unlimitedly enchanced until the guage is up.

Astral Heat[]

Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
236236C Type:Exterminator(タイプ:エクスターミネーター)「アルトリウス」
Taipu: Ekusutāminētā “Arutoriusu”
Type: Exterminator – “Artorius” Death ?
BBCF Es Type Exterminator Artorius Es unlocks her Legacy Weapon’s true form.

Performs an incredibly powerful slashing attack that consumes all the magic element in the surrounding area. The slash will instantly destroy the opponent.


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