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Es (えす Esu), whose name is an abbreviation of Embryo Storage (エンブリオストレージ Enburio Sutorēji), also known by her extended student name Es Mitsurugi (御剣えす Mitsurugi Esu), is the main heroine of XBlaze – Code: Embryo. She appears in BlazBlue: Centralfiction as a playable DLC character.


Es is physically a young short teenage girl. She has long, braided blond hair, with an antenna(ahoge), that is tied at the end by a navy blue hair ribbon, and large amber eyes. She wears a long, elegant dark blue dress with a white collar and short red tie. On top of her dress, she wears a baby blue gown that extends down her lower back and arms; frills encompass her entire outfit, emanating from the bottom of her dress, and the cuffs of her gown. She wears metal high heel shoes over her dark blue tights.

When she transferred to Hakuō North Academy, she began to wear the female school uniform.

At the pool, Es wore a simple white school swimming one-piece. On the chest of the piece, her name was written in plain block capitals on a large name tag.

When Hinata transferred the Embryo to her, Es’ hair turned lighter blond, and her eyes were bright blue.

In Lost: Memories, Es wears a white elegant blouse, a black overall skirt with modified navy ribbon, black tights, and black mary jane shoes with navy ribbons. The only article of clothing she retains upon her rebirth is her navy blue hair ribbon, in which she now wears in a side braid. She was also shown wearing a white eyepatch on her left eye. Without her eyepatch, her left eye was bright blue due to the Phantom Grymoire, but it turned back to its natural color after defeating Freaks.

In BlazBlue: Centralfiction, she is wearing a modified version of her outfit from Code: Embryo, with it having a dark blue color scheme, blue diamond shaped accessories with key hole markings on the arm portions and back of her dress, an open small backless portion similar to Noel Vermillion’s outfit, black tights, blue heels and a new silver hair ornament on the tip of her braid. She has returned to wearing her braid in the back again, while for mysterious reasons, her eyes are blue again. She also has a mark on her body like Ragna, Noel, and Naoto, but with her mark being on her lower body, unlike the other three who have their marks on their chest.


Emotionless, steady, and objective focused. Es is the perfect soldier, her mission always comes first. When she first met Tōya Kagari, she did not care for him or any other person, being willing to hurt and even kill others that she was “friends” with just so she could complete a mission. If Es did not understand a term, mainly because of the informality or colloquial speech, then she would forwardly ask what said term means, leading to unique, and awkward situations. For a time, she possessed no opinions due to her little interaction with people outside of the Agency, as well as this, Es possessed a habit of taking things too literally, annoying Tōya as he put up with her awkward social tendencies.

Possibly because of her initial lack of understanding towards humans, Es was prone to revealing information to others unnecessarily, and would often act in a robotic manner towards anyone conversing with her. She would also ignore the orders of anyone who was not her superior or essential to her mission objectives, leading to humorous circumstances; it was because of this tendency that she was seen as unerringly stubborn.

Her time with Tōya softened her, and she was able to feel more emotions as time progressed. When she failed to protect him from being knocked out by Kazuto Kotetsu, she gave him a heartfelt apology; even when Akira Kamewari went missing, Es became a sort of emotional crutch for Tōya to lean on. When she fell out with Tōya, she became visibly upset, signaling another emotional growth for her, albeit’s discovery being bittersweet. Furthermore, she began to disobey direct orders from her ward, even beginning to emit emotion into her speech; the most notable example being when she outright denied detaining Tōya, instead opting to protect him from the Agency unit sent to retrieve him. When she inherited the Embryo, Es expressed a profound sadness at making Tōya bare the same burden as her since she felt herself as irredeemable after having taken so many lives.

She has also learned the true meaning of being family thanks to her interactions with Hinata and Yuki, which allowed her true self, a kind and noble girl, to emerge. She even begins to care about her new friends, showing great care and concern for them. She also began to fall in love with Tōya, who she labels as her dearest one and the most important person in her life. However, due to seeing her true love and her friends being killed by Freaks sent her into despair at being unable to save them and scattered her memories to escape from her heartbreak, showing how much they mean to her.

However, upon her rebirth in Lost: Memories, when she lost her memories, she became notably more cheerful and smiled more often, but still retains her curious outlook on life. Upon recovering her memories, she regained her proper and formal tone of speaking, along with retaining her new-found cheerfulness. After saving Tōya and the others, as well as recalling her (“Nobody’s”) friend “Me”, she has vowed to keep moving forward, no longer chained by her lonely past with new-found faith in herself, her friends, and the boy she loves, finally obtaining happiness in her life and no longer giving into despair.

In BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Es appears to have regressed to how she was in Code: Embryo, appearing emotionless and doing whatever it takes to complete her mission given by the Blue. Despite this, she does recall liking pudding according to her memories and has nostalgic memories about the people precious and dear to her, hinting that her emotions and true self might be restrained.


Created by Sōichirō Unomaru, Embryo Storage was originally meant to be a substitute vessel for the Embryo, but was deemed a failure due to her eyes being an amber red instead of blue. However, when Sōichirō noticed that she’s able to speak and communicate with him, he expressed shock and interest towards her as others before her were unable to do so. After introducing himself to her as her creator and superior, he makes Embryo Storage a member of the Mitsurugi Agency’s Sleipnir Unit, giving her the Legacy Weapon Murakumo and the task to hunt down the Unions so they could either be captured so they can be treated for their unfortunately terminal condition or if they entered Phase 5, due to being unable to be saved because of their crystal fusing with their nervous system, must be destroyed before they hurt other people. Sōichirō, in order to fit her in with Sleipnir and make her appear human to them, despite only viewing her as a tool, he gives her a name, renaming her Es. She would also become Mei Amanohokosaka’s partner on the field, being the only other person aside Sōichirō to know about her origin as an artificial human, but unlike Sōichirō, Mei views her as a person and a friend, showing concern for her well being.

XBlaze – Code: Embryo[]

This section is based on story of the visual novel XBlaze – Code: Embryo.

She was sent to detain Gorō Jōizumi in New Yokozaki City. After finding him inside the restricted ward, she openly attacked him, interrupting his assault on Tōya Kagari. After determining the Union to have reached Phase 4, she began to beat him unconscious until Tōya stood in her way; continuing with her mission, she knocked the two of them out. She received her new orders from the Agency, detaining Gorō and notifying the recovery team. Es then set out on her new mission; to monitor Tōya and prevent threats to his life in emergency situations.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 40, Type A)

Arriving in the Himezuru household, Es was greeted by Hinata Himezuru, and welcomed into the house. Inside, she waited for Tōya, and when he arrived, she explained her mission to the both of them. Afterwards, she explained the Unions and Mitsurugi Agency to the young man until Sōichirō and Mei Amanohokosaka arrived, letting the both of them take over. Once they had left, she observed Tōya for the night, even encountering some unusual responses from Tōya when she snuck into his bed just to observe him. After the awkwardness settles, Tōya asks her if she would obey any order, including sacrificing herself, which prompted a negative reaction from him when she replied that she would do so. He asked if Es has her own personal thoughts, but Es tells him she doesn’t, for it would distract and make her perform her missions poorly, making Tōya feel sad for her. Tōya suggests that the two of them rest in the living room as opposed to being in his room, with Es returning to the Agency in the morning after receiving new orders. Later that day, she had enrolled into Hakuō North Academy’s class 2B, under an extended name, Es Mitsurugi. Humorously, she ignored the teacher’s seating plan, and sat exactly behind Tōya.

Sometime after class, Es would met Tōya and Hinata’s friend Akira Kamewari. Later that same day, Es talked to Tōya during the school break, explaining that she was still on her mission to protect him. Sōichirō waltzed towards the two, and asked Es to make the sure that they were not disturbed. A little later on, on top of the school roof, she told Tōya that she was to return to headquarters to await further instructions, temporarily leaving his side until he made a decision about whether or not to work with the Agency. Fortunately, the young man agreed, meaning Es stayed by his side. On the way back to the Himezuru residence, Tōya heard a Discover Call coming from the direction of Akira Kamewari; he and Es rushed towards the source, leaving Hinata and behind. When they arrived, they startled Akio Osafune and Kuon Glamred Stroheim, prompting the both of them to swiftly evacuate. She then walked back to the Himezuru residence with Hinata, and Tōya.

Back at the household, Yuki Himezuru lay in wait. She immediately took a shine to Es because of her delicate appearance, calling her a family member within a few minutes. In the evening, both Es and Tōya pursued Es’ primary objective of detaining Unions, feeling that Akio was too dangerous to be let roaming around the city. They eventually found him, and with help from the surprise arrival of Kuon, they were able to best him and Es detained the Union. Unfortunately, the renegade Ten SagesAcht and Drei arrived to pick up Akio and “discipline” him. Es was berated by Tōya after she suggested fleeing and leaving Kuon to deal with the Sages; fortunately for them all, the two conjurers decided against combat and left. However, to Es’ confusion, Tōya suddenly passed out for some reason, prompting her and Kuon to carry him back to the Himezuru residence. The following morning, Es told the young man that Kuon had been assigned to protect him under the approval of Yuki and the Agency. Hinata soon dragged Es along with her to give Kuon and Tōya some privacy. She was present at Kuon’s enrollment into class 2B.

Later on in the same day, Es, Kuon, and Hinata sat down to lunch with Akira and Tōya. Afterwards, she joined Kuon in discussing the Ten Sages and their fighting styles, being particularly worried about Drei and Sechs. She attempted to pull up files on the Wadatsumi Mass Vanish Incident, but could not find them. After school, she tailed Tōya to his work at the Maha☆Raja~ Curry Shop, being let in by Ringo Akagi, who pestered the young man about their relationship. Once Tōya had finished work, he and Es walked into Mei, observing the remains of Akio after his murder; Es listened to Mei’s story about Ripper until the very man himself barged in on them all.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 37, Type A)

Ripper fled, leading Es to pursue him due to the overwhelming threat he posed. Seemingly cornering him, she was taunted until he threw one of his many molotov’s at the ground for her reaction. The tides turned as Avenge launched himself into the fray, although against her will, Es used the opportunity to call into headquarters and ask for advice on the situation. Eventually, Mei and Tōya arrived, but this prompted the serial killer to back-off and permanently flee, leaving the trio alone with the bounty hunter. Attempting to act the hero, Tōya was knocked out by Avenge, leaving Es to carry him back to the Himezuru household. On the way back, Es began to bond with Tōya as she genuinely appoligized for not keeping safe from the bounty hunter, despite Tōya saying otherwise to which she agrees. When Tōya asked her to hold back her strength in a fight, she says she can’t do so sense she needs to protect him, to which he understands. Upon arriving back at the house, Hinata dragged the girl off to get clean.

After school, Es, along with Hinata and Tōya, went shopping for the food for dinner. While shopping, Hinata pointed out the pudding there, which intrigued Es to an extent, so Hinata bought some for dessert. Back at the household, Es watched on as Akira and Yuki began to devour everything in sight. When dessert came, Es tried some for herself. Upon taking a bite, Es expressed delight at it, agreeing with Hinata that it was very fluffy and delicious. When Tōya commented that she felt happy, Es questioned what it ment, to which he told her that the emotion ment if she has something she likes, it makes her happy to which Es understands. Strangely, aside her new like for pudding, Es began to hink about Tōya for some reason. following day, Es was invited to the local pool with the group, exhausting herself after being given new orders to 'have fun'. In the evening, Es requested pudding to end her famished state. Late at night the next day, Es received word from the Agency that an office worker had been murdered after a Gainart explosion, she delivered the information to Tōya, but was interrupted by Kuon, who requested that the two of them help her with finding wards set down by the Ten Sages. During the mission, the trio talked about the Legacy Weapons, with Es expressing sencire concern for Kuon wielding the Sealed Treasure Spear: Izayoi.

En route to the Himezuru residence, Es spotted Els von Klagen, noting her to be particularly suspicious since she could physically see the household. Making their introductions to the young conjurer, Es and Tōya escorted her inside the house, leading them to dealing with Els and Kuon’s unique antics. The following morning, Es went alongside the trio of Els, Kuon and Tōya to go shopping for the former two, but were shocked when they ran into Acht. Preparing herself for battle, Es lowered into a fighting stance, and analyzed the Sage’s new Drive, but did not attack as the tension lowered from Acht’s lack of will to fight at the time.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 73)

Once Akira had gone missing, Es assisted in the search for him, but was unable to communicate with the Agency for an unknown reason. Following Tōya after he sensed a Discover Call, the duo arrived at the Himezuru household, clashing with Acht who was holding Hinata hostage. Ignoring Tōya’s cries for her to not engage, Es fired herself at the both of them, determined to kill Acht because the threat she posed to her ward. Out of nowhere, wires ensnared Es, rendering her unable to even move; stunningly, the wires were emitting from Akira himself. With several more movements, Es was knocked unconscious.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 116, Type A)

Because of her actions the previous night, Es had fallen out of favor with Tōya, upsetting her to the point where Hinata and Yuki had to offer her advice on how to proceed with making up with him. During her conversation, they told her that no matter where she goes, even if she is not with them, she will always be family to them, shocking Es and making her regret what she almost did, shedding her first tears, she sadly states that she does not want anything bad to happen to Hinata. After being reassured by Hinata that she is still here, and being told by Yuki that this is what she should tell Tōya to make things right with him. She decided to go on a three-hour break, warning Tōya to not leave the house. Regardless, she found him inside Maha Raja with Mei, escorting him back to the house. With Kuon, Es delivered the news about Akira’s infection and its rapid progression.

Late that night, Es was trying to figure out how to approach him in order to apologize to him, but Tōya lied to Es, yelling at her and even ordering to go in the direction of an abandoned factory, which she sadly responded. However she did not do as ordered as she remained outside the house, stating she would no longer follow them. She has an epiphany that she wishes to be a part of Tōya’s family, however she also realizes and wishes to become someone important to him, afterwards she spots Tōya leaving the house. Confused and concerned, she follows him Hakuō North Academy, protecting him from his best friend’s assault. She sadly tells Tōya to run while holding him off, stating she is not a part of his family. Tōya, not wanting to lose either Es or Akira, gets between them taking their attacks from both sides. She then watches in awe as Tōya gets through to Akira, which prompts him to rip his own crystal from his body.

When morning came, Es was about to report to Sōichirō due to him summoning her, however she decides to apologize to Tōya first before leaving. Tōya, touched that Es felt remorseful for her actions and that she truly does care about Hinata, apologizes about how he treated her. After an awkward moment midway through, Tōya explains that they already made up to both of them wanting to make things right, surprising Es. However, she is happy to make things right with Tōya, who feels the same. When Sōichirō called her up again, she and Tōya parted ways for the time being, both happy that they restored their friendship, while wishing each other to be safe.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 99)

After having rested, Es was called on by Mei, and they rushed to find Hinata falling from a building. Es caught her and caught up to Tōya releasing his Original Grymoire. The presence of Hinata calmed him down, and Es analyzed him to find that he had returned to normal parameters. Mei then asked that she take Hinata back to the residence so that she could rest; Es obliged. She expressed her relief and happiness that Hinata was safe from harm, but on route back home, she was encountered by Sechs, who has expressed interest in Es. He reveals to her that she has gained a free will and a soul, something an artificial life form like her should not have. Sechs then asked her what her desire is, before he vanishes. Pondering his question and expressing relief that she and Hinata were safe for the moment, continues on her back to the Himezuru residence with Hinata.

After bringing Hinata to her room, Es overheard Kuon and Mei’s argument before Kuon left with Tōya following after her. Es asked Mei what happened, but the shrine maiden angrily said that they are no longer her problem before Es calmed her down. Surprised, Mei expressed that Es changed for the better, due to her caring for others and speaking to her calmly. After explaining to Es what happened, Es was summoned by Sōichirō, with Mei telling her she will look for Tōya and Kuon while Es reports to Sōichirō, while also warning her to be careful around him, advising her to follow her own choice when the time comes. Upon returning, Sōichirō explained that his goal is almost complete, Es becoming curious and also secretly wanting to help the others, asked Sōichirō about Event Interference and the Boundary, but could not get anything on the Embryo. She then received orders from Sōichirō that told her to detain Tōya since he was classified as a 'high-risk Union', much to her shock and displeasure. When she protested this, Sōichirō threatened that he will kill her if she did not follow his order. Knowing she needs to help Tōya and to avoid being killed, she pretends to accept his order.

Upon finding Tōya, Es directly went against Sōichirō’s orders as she already intended, instead offering to protect Tōya from the unit sent to retrieve him, while recalling every experience she had. After reassuring Tōya she will be okay, she makes a promise to defeat him if he loses control of the grymoire and becomes the Black Beast. Before they can leave, Mei arrived to detain Tōya, being the leader of said unit. Es and Tōya talked her down, until she eventually quit the Agency out of frustration. In order to evade following units, Es, with Tōya close behind, jumped into the sewers, but were helped into a safe location by Kazuto. When asked about the Embryo, Es told the two of them all the info she could, as well as about Event Interference and how it works. Sensing Agency soldiers heading their way, the group split as Es and Tōya ventured further into the sewers, but they were met by Drei. When Drei revealed he came to kill Es and called her nothing more than a doll, Tōya defended her rights as a living person before being knocked aside. Es barely survived his myriad of attacks, but before Drei can finish her, she was saved by Tōya activating his grymoire. Before Drei can continue his attack, they were saved by Avenge who took over the fight for them, telling them that Mei is waiting for them. Both Es and Tōya managed to escape alive, taking about the grymoire on the way out, but due to her injuries Es nearly loses consciousness before Tōya caught her. Despite being soaked, Es replied that Tōya’s embrace felt warm, much to Tōya’s confusion. They eventually got out of the sewers, meeting up with Mei, who gave Es fresh clothes, and they walked back towards the Himezuru residence. Inside, Es requested pudding, but there was none left.

While waiting for Hinata to return from the shops with more pudding, Es was briefed by Kuon about the Wadatsumi incident; alongside Mei, Kuon, and Tōya, they all decided to go to the restricted ward and confront Sōichirō, determined to defeat him so they could prevent him from completing the T-system. Not long afterwards, Hinata arrived with the pudding, putting an end to Es’ hunger. The group of four left soon afterwards.

Arriving at the restricted ward, the group ventured deep into the facility until they ran into Acht. Kuon and Mei stayed behind to deal with her, while Es followed Tōya after deliberating on what to do. Inside the complex, they ran into one of the Es-N. Sōichirō began to insult Es over the speakers of the complex, calling her worthless and obsolete. They fled when the Es-N unit was ordered to attack them both. After briefly outrunning the unit, Es has an epiphany she needed to share with Tōya. Although she was merely fulfilling her job as a soildier, she realized the burden of eliminating Phase 5 Unions, feeling guilty for not knowing that she potentially hurt others doing so. Although she believes herself to be beyond redemption, she still wishes to try by protecting Tōya, but before he could confort her, Es-N nearly caught up with them, so Es decided to stay behind and fight the unit, allowing Tōya to go deeper into the complex, with him making Es promise to catch up with him, to which Es obliged. Unfortunately for Es, Es-N had already predicted her actions due to the possession of her battle data. But by being herself, Es defeated and killed the unit as it was unable to predict her actions. En route to following Tōya, Es met three more of the Es-N units, but was saved by Kuon and Mei, telling her to save Tōya from Sōichirō.

Finally getting to the bottom of the facility, Es was confused to find Hinata and Sechs there. She learns to her surprise that Hinata is Code Embryo with Sechs planning to kill her, having already killed Sōichirō. Es attempted to attack Sechs, but was easily brushed aside and could do nothing but watch in sorrow as Hinata was thrown into the Boundary. While Es mourned for Hinata’s supposed death, Tōya tried to save her, but was thrown aside and knocked him unconscious by Sechs, prompting Es to rush over to him, sadly pleading him to answer her. When Sechs told Es she is next to fall, Es turned to face him, now feeling rage for the first time in her life toward him for hurting Hinata and Tōya. Right then, Kuon and Mei arrived and alongside the two sorcery users, she attempted to take on the Sage but Mei and Kuon were knocked unconscious and Es was disarmed. Feeling fear for the first time in her life, she tried to step away from Sechs, who delivered a fatal injury to Es. Sadly realizing she failed Tōya, she weakly spoke his name before falling into the Boundary.

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 82, Type A)

Inside the Boundary, Es somehow survived Sechs attack, focused on her existence and came into contact with the consciousness of Hinata. By focusing on her existence, Es was able to inherit the Embryo from Hinata. Hearing a Discover Call being emitted by the Master Unit, she ventured deeper into the Boundary and touched it. Es created an enclosed space inside the Boundary, and beckoned Tōya to enter it. Inside, she explained that she had returned Hinata to her room with no recollection of her origins as the Embryo. She then sent Tōya back to the original timeline that Hinata had not distorted so that he could kill Sechs at his weakest point. She decided to stay inside the Boundary, and after realizing she is in love with Tōya, she kisses him and with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes, sends him back into the real world with no recollection of her existence to him and the rest of her friends, while reflecting on the life, emotions, and memories they have given her. She lay inside the Boundary as the Embryo did not belong in the real world and to also seal the Wadatsumi Gate by creating the World of Tsukuyomi, sacrificing herself. With her work done she prays that Tōya and the others have a happy future, before falling into a deep sleep.

XBlaze – Lost: Memories[]

This section is based on story of the visual novel XBlaze – Lost: Memories.

Two months have passed since Es inherited the Embryo and saved everyone she loved. She continued to sleep peacefully inside the World of Tsukuyomi, guarding the Embryo and watching other the people precious to her. However, one day tragedy woke Es up from her sleep at a horrifying revelation, a mysterious man has killed Tōya, Mei, Kuon, and Els. Terrified at seeing her true love and three of her closest friends being brutally murdered, Es used Event Interference to try and create a different outcome, but sadly kept getting the same result, breaking her heart more every time she saw it. Realizing she has truly failed Tōya and the others, she felt a new emotion, despair. Unable to handle it, she purged herself of the precious memories of the past becoming lifeless, unknowingly transforming the World of Tsukuyomi into what be called the Phantom Field and the Embryo becoming its own individual through her transformed body.

However, miraculously she returned to her world one night and woke up in a place that seemed familiar to her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember anything except her name. Before Es could leave to try and get info about her predicament, she heard two voices coming her way, one of a young man and the other a girl with a robotic voice, with the former telling the latter to get between someone, with Es assuming she’s the target. However, the young man finds her, with Es calling out his name, Tōya, much to her confusion. In a reversal, Tōya called out Es’ name much to his confusion. Before he could try to make it out, he was more concerned with Es’ lack of clothing, he covered Es up with his jacket. Before Es could say anything else, she fell unconscious wondering how she knew Tōya’s name, much to Tōya’s concern.

The next morning, Es woke up inside someone’s house, safely in bed wearing an elegant dress. She then meets a girl with glasses who came in to check on her, telling her a family member brought her home after passing out in the restricted ward, which Es figures to herself that Tōya brought her to his home. The girl then asks what’s wrong with her left eye, to which Es finds out she can’t open it. To help with it, the girl gives Es a white eyepatch she made, to which Es is thankful for. Es then introduces herself to the girl, who then introduces herself as Hinata Himezuru, briefly causing Es to have a memory flash of her carrying an unconscious Hinata. Just then, Tōya comes in, relieved that Es has woke up, with the two properly introducing themselves to each other, with Es thanking him greatly for help her. Es then reveals that she lost her memories, much to Hinata and Tōya’s shock and concern. Es tells them she only remembers two things: her name and Tōya’s name, which confuses the three as Es and Tōya only met yesterday with Tōya also knowing Es’ name, with Hinata stating that she feels the three of them met before. Tōya and Hinata, both understanding what Es is going through and wanting to help their new friend, allows her to stay at their home until Es recovers her memories, reassuring her that their older sister will be okay with her staying. Despite not wishing to intrude on them, with herself technically being a stranger to them, she agrees on their offer after seeing their kindness and willingness to help her.

The next day, Hinata came to check on Es, but Es said she wants a few moments, with Hinata mistaking that Es isn’t dressed yet. Es then recaps on her current situation for bit before Hinata comes back. After checking on her, Hinata suggests that Es should get a checkup at the hospital, despite Es stating she doesn’t feel sick, but Hinata tells her it’s best to do so, so Es agrees to do so, with Hinata getting Tōya to come with them. On the way to the hospital, Hinata and Tōya tell Es about their older sister, Yuki Himezuru, who works as a doctor at the hospital they’re going to. Hinata tells Es she admires Yuki so much that she’s studying to become a nurse. When Es asked Tōya if he had a goal, he said he didn’t have any right now, but Hinata almost said something prompting Tōya to cut her off before saying anymore. They are then greeted by another young man about Tōya’s age, who accuses him of starting another harem, much to Tōya’s chagrin. After telling him about Es, the boy introduces himself as Akira Kamewari, prompting Es to suffer another memory flash, worrying the others briefly. Tōya and Hinata tell Akira about Es’ amnesia, with Akira telling them he’s on his way to the hospital to continue his studies. He tells Es he’s also studying like Hinata, but to become a doctor, due to Yuki saving his life. This causes another memory flash and makes her zone out before being snapped back by a worried Hinata. Akira, Tōya and Hinata tell Es if she’s feeling sick, she should let them know before they continue on their way to the hospital.

Upon arriving and after Es’ checkup, the doctor tells Hinata and Tōya that her results strangely came back positive as none of the usual causes for amnesia, such as hitting her head or emotional stress, where nowhere to be found with Es. The doctor can only recommend that Es’ best chance to regain her memories is to wait for it to return on its own. As the doctor was about to suggest checking Es in at the hospital, Akira and a female doctor comes in, with the latter stating she watch over Es. Tōya introduces the female doctor to Es, revealing that she’s Yuki Himezuru. Yuki tells the other doctor that she will watch over Es sense she states that Es will be more safe with her siblings due to her bonding with them, to which the doctor agrees, understanding Yuki’s suggestion. Outside, Yuki welcomes Es into her care, which Es is grateful for, but Es experiences another memory flash, which involves Hinata and Yuki. Although hesitant at first upon telling them she saw a memory, Yuki calmly asked her to share what she saw. Es tells them her memory was living with the Himezuru sisters, with them telling Es that she’s part of their family, confusing them as Hinata met Es yesterday with Yuki having met a while ago. When Akira suggested that her real memories might be overwritten with the sisters, Es shouts otherwise, confessing that she had other memory flashes involving Hinata, Tōya, Akira, and Yuki telling them she wouldn’t mistake genuine memories. However it’s put to rest when Yuki asked Es that she said Es is family, to which she confirms, immediately earning Yuki’s trust, with Hinata and Tōya also welcoming her into their family. This prompts a memory flash involving Tōya, bringing forth a strange feeling, like her heart is going to shatter.

The next day, Es finished having breakfast with Tōya and Hinata. After chatting for a while, the doorbell rung, with Tōya getting it. When he came back, the visitor in question is a young girl with long purple hair, who notes that Es looks familiar but shrugs it off. Hinata introduces Es to her and tells Es that her name is Mei, who is Tōya’s senior at his job, to which Mei corrects as being his boss. Es, witnessing a memory flash involving Mei, calls out her full name, surprising everyone, Mei included as Hinata didn’t mention Mei’s last name. Tōya eventually calms things down stating that Es might have heard about Mei somewhere and if she came by for something else other than visiting, but before Mei says anything, she catches herself and tells Tōya to meet her at one of the stores they work at to discuss business, telling Hinata that she make up for the sudden visit. With the two alone, Hinata expressed her surprise at Es for knowing Mei’s last name, causing Es to space and think how she knew that, despite only meeting Mei a while ago. Upon being called back and explaining her thoughts to Hinata, they question what they should do, with Es deciding she would wait for Tōya. While Hinata agrees, she states it would be best to go out until he comes home, suggesting they go out shopping for dinner. At the store, Hinata lets Es know if she wants to try something, then she doesn’t need to restrain herself while Hinata gets things for dinner. Es returns with some pudding, telling Hinata that upon seeing it, a number of emotions welled up in her, with Hinata happily stating that Es must have loved pudding and that she might remember something upon eating it, so Hinata buys it along with the things for dinner.

Along the way home, Es asks Hinata why she is being so nice to her, sense she has no memories and initially being a stranger. Hinata explains part of her reason for helping is because Hinata can’t remember her past either, understanding what Es is going through, with the second reason with her considering Es as family and that she wants to help her family when they need it. Confused, Es tells Hinata that she thought being a family is mostly through being related by bloodline, but Hinata tells that even though she and Yuki aren’t tied by blood, she doesn’t see Yuki as her sister, but Yuki is her sister and they don’t need to be normal to be a family. Before Es could question it further, Hinata suggests that they pretend they got married so Es wouldn’t be conflicted with it and be adjusted with her new family, much to the latter’s shock and confusion at the marriage suggestion. Upon returning home, Hinata lets Es know that Tōya and Yuki will be joining them for dinner at home with them tonight. When Hinata asked Es if she looked forward to it, Es agreed, smiling for the first time sense they met. Es helped Hinata prepare dinner, with Es wishing to help Hinata when she needs assistance, much to the latter’s happiness. Tōya arrives home briefly to say hello, but mentions he has to return to work soon, much to Hinata’s sadness and understanding, with her telling Es it’s best to save the pudding for later when Tōya’s with them, with Es agreeing. Just as Hinata suggested going out for a walk after dinner, Tōya suddenly shouted that they can’t. Startled and confused, Es questions why they can’t as it was his idea that she did so, with Tōya explaining it’s not a good idea to do that after dark. As soon as Tōya gets a call and leaves, Es gets a strange memory flash of him wielding a long sword.

The next morning, Tōya has returned home and wishing to make it up to Es for not being at home last night, wants to take her for a walk and help her with her memories, to which Es agrees to. In a reversal to yesterday, Hinata says she needs to run some errands, leaving Es with Tōya for a change. Tōya takes Es to the school he and Hinata go to, Tōya than asks which school Es went to before retracting the question, briefly forgetting that Es wouldn’t remember that. Just then, Es witnessed a new memory flash, with her being transferred into and introducing herself to Tōya and Hinata’s class. She was called out of it by a worried Tōya, who thought she was going to pass out. After reassuring him she was okay, she told him the memory flash involved her going to the school as a transfer student in Tōya and Hinata’s class. This confuses Tōya as he mentioned that he and Hinata wouldn’t miss or forget someone as memorable as Es. This causes Es’ heart to ache again as she is unsure to trust her own memories. Tōya leads Es into the school, letting her know it’s okay sense school was out for the day. On the rooftop, Tōya told Es that if she was there along with him, Hinata, Akira, and Mei, things at school would be a lot more fun, to which Es warmly agrees with. They make their way home, noting they haven’t made much progress, but Es being grateful regardless. They run into Hinata, who was out getting something from the store real quick for dinner. The three then return together to the Himezuru residence.

Upon arriving back, Es sees two young women in front of the house, who are friends of Tōya and Hinata. After catching up with them, the two ask Tōya about Es, which he and Hinata introduce and explain her memory loss, causing the two to sympathize with her. Tōya then introduces his friends to Es, with the blue haired girl being Els and the blond girl being Kuon. Es shortly after witnesses another memory flash, showing Es with Kuon, much to her stressful displeasure. Kuon and Els take notice of this, but Es reassures them she’s okay, not telling anyone about it this time. After Kuon, Els, and Tōya finish talking about someone named Ringo and about why the former two are in New Yokozaki City, Hinata asks if they’re free tomorrow, which Kuon states they have the evening open, with Hinata inviting them to a welcome party to officially welcome Es into their family, in which Kuon and Els happily accept. Later that night, Tōya offered Es to show some things in the city with his tablet. After two failed look throughs, Es suddenly moves close to Tōya’s face causing him to jump back in surprise. Es tells him that whenever she looks at him, she feels something that can’t be described with words and that it’s been bothering her lately. Before they could figure out what that means, Tōya mentions he has to go handle something, faintly hearing him calling Mei about something called a “Discover Call”. Confused about what happened, Hinata comes in telling Es that’s how Tōya protects everyone, confusing Es further. As Hinata frantically tells her to forget what she said, Es witnesses another memory involving Tōya. Unfortunately, this proves too much for her this time, as she could do nothing but fall unconscious, leaving Hinata extremely worried for her.

The next morning, Es wakes up to find Hinata and Yuki, both relieved that Es recovered. Yuki explains the reason she fainted yesterday because of the built up stress she was receiving from her amnesia. While Hinata and Yuki are contemplating about Es’ welcome party, not wishing to see her pass out like that again, Es wishes to have the party, stating Hinata prepared everything and that she wants to speak with the others, telling them she’s okay. Yuki, after seeing Es doesn’t want the party to be a wasted effort, and with Yuki herself, a doctor, along with Hinata and Akira, a nurse and doctor in training, being with Es in case something does happen, decides to go with the welcome party, much to Es’ gratitude and Hinata’s excitement. Es would then rest up until the party started tonight. At Es’ welcome party, everything starts off with dinner to which Yuki describes as a “Sukiyaki War”, with Akira and Mei looking forward to it while Kuon, Els, and Tōya are concerned. With Es joining in as well after some encouragement from Hinata and Yuki, all eight of them engage in the “Sukiyaki War”, with Es emerging as the victor, much to Yuki and Akira’s surprise as she was a first time contender. After speaking with the others, Es gets to try some pudding, prompting a happy memory flash upon trying it. After happily eating the pudding, much to Hinata’s pleasure, Tōya commented on Es’ love for pudding, causing her to think about what he said. Wondering about the word “love”, Tōya asked if she remembered something, this causes Es to experience a new memory flash, with her and Tōya in a mysterious white void, with them kissing, causing Es to blush in embarrassment at the returning memory. This worries Tōya at her slightly red face, but when he got close, Es suddenly backs, reassuring him and the others nothing is wrong, thanking for the party and excusing herself, much to everyone’s worry and confusion. Upon being alone, Es regained all her memories at once, recalling two important things; she’s in love with Tōya and that she once lived in this world. The next morning in her room, Es is in deep thought about what to say to the others about her restored memories, because while she has regained hers, she doesn’t know if the others will regain theirs. Deciding it’s best that she doesn’t tell them about the memories now, Es leaves her room to start the day.

Es is greeted by Tōya and Hinata, who along with the others were worried about her last night. Es, touched they still cared for her and wanting to keep the memories a secret for now, reassures them she feels okay after sleeping. While Hinata makes breakfast, Yuki comes in and after being greeted by Es asks how she’s doing. While emotionally exhausted, she keeps telling them she’s okay, with them unaware that she’s deeply in thought. When breakfast is ready, Es was unsure to come over at first, but came over when Tōya, Hinata and Yuki asked her to come sit with them. While joining hands, Es thinks to herself that despite not knowing who she is, they were still kind to her, which she is thankful for. After breakfast and with Yuki leaving for work, Es requested that she would like to talk with Mei after Tōya and Hinata asked where she would like to go. However, Mei calls Tōya for work, with Es and Hinata wishing him well before going for a walk instead. On their way home, Hinata suggests to Es that they should take a shortcut through the playground to get back home quick. Upon arriving, just as they were going to play on the swings at Hinata’s suggestion, they see a young man by himself alone. Wanting to see what’s wrong with him, they go over to check on him with Hinata accidentally scaring him. Upon finding out he has amnesia and Hinata telling him about Es’ amnesia, the young man introduces himself as Kiri, with Es and Hinata doing the same. Kiri explains the only thing he remembers is his name and despite regaining her memories, unknown to the others, Es bonds with and becomes friends with him over their shared situation. Kiri than asks Es to join up with him and his partner in their battle for justice due to seeing her as a good person. Much to Es’ confusion, his partner is a cat plushie, who he explains is actually a human transformed into one by an evil person. However, when the plushie wouldn’t speak and when Kiri tries to introduce 'him', he suddenly suffers a headache and leaves out of terror when Hinata suggests going to the hospital, not wanting to be touched.

While taking a bath, the two girls express their concern for Kiri, hoping he’s okay and has made it to the hospital. After their bath, Hinata asks Es to let Tōya know he can use the bath now while she’s preparing dinner, which Es obliged. Upon reaching his bedroom door, she overhears him speaking with Mei about Unions, sadly learning that, despite wishing he lives in peace, Tōya has taken her place in helping Mei with the Unions. She listens to their conversation when she’s mentioned by them, with Tōya saying he couldn’t detect Discover Calls too well sense Es arrived, but Tōya and Mei agree that Es is unrelated to the situation they’re investigating, mentioning Strange Red due to Tōya hearing two faint Discover Calls at one briefly. Hearing the term Strange Red causes Es’ left eye to hurt while seeing a memory of an unknown hooded person with a red eye. After recovering from her brief pain and memory flash, she overhears the rest of Tōya and Mei’s conversation, including the fact that they’re dealing with a Union called 'Freaks’, who killed the Magick Association leaders, hence why Kuon and Els are in New Yokozaki City. After Mei and Tōya hang up after the finishing their conversation about Freaks, Es softly whispers the latter’s name, quickly leaving before Tōya found her.

The next day, Tōya mentions he has to go to work to discuss things at the store, to which Es assumes to herself that he might be speaking with Mei about their conversation last night. After he leaves, Es and Hinata try to think about what they should do today, with neither of them able to think of something. Yuki comes in, telling them that she’s taking a comp day, suggesting that they go out shopping today. Although Es is uncertain at first due to having no money, Yuki tells her that any new clothes the three of them get is on her today. With Yuki having an idea of something else coming with them to help out with the things they’ll be buying, the three girls head off. After trying on and buying some new clothes, Es was happy they had fun with Hinata and Yuki, however Akira, who Hinata had invited at Yuki’s suggestion, expressed his frustration that he’s carrying the things they bought at Yuki’s request for her tutoring. Upon Yuki telling the others to follow her to a nearby café to rest up, Es and Hinata express their concern for Akira, before he quickly speeds up the hill with no problem despite the packages weighing him down, much to Hinata’s relief. Es, giggling for the first time in her life, comments to herself that Akira hasn’t changed a bit. Upon reaching the café, the four coincidentally encountered Tōya, Mei, Kuon and Els there. After Akira speaks with them, Es asked Tōya if Kuon and Els are working with him and Mei as well, to which they say that Kuon and Els are workers from a different branch for the “store” they work for. Although Es knows the truth, she takes their answer and leaves with Yuki, Hinata, and Akira to get another table. As she’s leaving, she sadly laments to herself that, due to becoming human, she no longer has her combat skills and therefore can’t fight alongside Tōya.

Later that night back at the Himezuru residence, Es has finished having dinner with Tōya, Hinata, Yuki, and Akira, talking about today’s events, when Tōya gets a call from Mei about 'work'. After seeing Hinata, Yuki, and Akira wishing him safety, Es asked Tōya about the place he works at, but he sadly said he can’t tell people that aren’t part of the 'company', much to Es’ sad understanding. As he left, Es saw the memory of the hooded person again, only this time attacking, leaving her with a bad feeling. When the others asked her what’s wrong, Es lied about being tired from walking around all day and at their suggestion, goes to bed early. Standing alone in the dark hallway, Es sadly apologizes for lying to the others, but due to being unable to shake the feeling of dread from the memory flash, she gathers up her courage and leaves the house to find Tōya, worried about his safety.

Es heads to the restricted ward, knowing that Tōya and Mei would be there when a new Union shows up, however she finds Kiri, apparently speaking with someone. After accidentally scaring upon checking on him, she asked about the other voice, to which Kiri tells her he was talking to himself. After explaining that she’s looking for someone she thought would be there. Kiri offers his help, stating that’s what heroes do for their comrades, while asking her who this person is, to which Es, after recalling both good and bad times with Tōya, states that he’s the most important person in her life. Kiri then asks her if she remembered anything, which she replies yes much to Kiri’s happiness, while Kiri has yet to regain his. Upon being asked, Kiri reveals the full story about his memory loss: he ran away from a scary place full of bad people who did numerous operations on him resulting in his memory loss and that if he defeats the Bad Guys boss, Tōya Kagari, his memories would return. Shocked and confused if she heard that correctly, she asked Kiri to repeat the boss’ name, but before they could continue, Tōya appears, surprised and confused about how Es knew he be at the restricted ward. Before Tōya could lead Es and Kiri out of the Ward, Kiri suffered another headache much to Es and Tōya’s concern. Upon recovering, Kiri suddenly attacks Tōya when he checked on him, telling Es to get behind him and that Tōya is the most evil one, Es futility tries to convince him otherwise. Despite Tōya trying to calm Kiri down, the latter suddenly bit down on the former, doing something to him. At that moment, the last of Es’ memories came back, remembering that Tōya and the others will die at this point. Not wanting to let go of everyone dear to her again, she tackles into Kiri, separating him and Tōya away from each other. After saving him, Kiri begins to act strangely and Tōya’s powers, who can no longer hide from Es due to the situation, are weakened.

Es tries to talk to Kiri when he started to taunt Tōya over this, but is told by Tōya that the man in front of them isn’t Kiri, with the man telling them Kiri is no more. Angered and saddened over the loss of her friend, she asks him who he is, but the man tells her that Tōya already knows, who he angrily confirms is Ripper, who was dead, but he tells him otherwise, confirming he’s the vampire Union, Freaks. He tells them that he did die at Kazuto’s hands and he blames Tōya for it, revealing that when he woke up, his soul was in his cat plushie and his dead body developed its own personality in the form of Kiri, who he than manipulated into doing his dirty work to get his body back. Tōya proceeds to fight him with the intention of defeating him for good while trying to get Es to run, but Freaks savagely attacks Es, knocking her out briefly, experiencing pain in her left eye again. Fortunately, by the time she woke up, Mei arrived to help Tōya, but is having a hard time fighting him, with Es apologizing and blaming herself for this happening, but is reassured by Tōya and Mei it’s not her fault. Despite trying to distract Freaks so Es can escape, Freaks brutally hurts Mei and was about to kill her, but was saved by Kuon at the last moment.

Es would pull Mei after the latter fell unconscious safety while Kuon and Els unleashed a trap on Freaks, supposedly killing him. While confused that Es knew about sorcery when she asked, Kuon waves it off as Mei telling her. Freaks, who barely survived the attack, stabs Tōya and drains his powers again, but was separated by Kuon and Els at the cost of Tōya falling unconscious. Having had enough of them, Freaks activates his own version of XBlaze, the New Testament Grymoire, with Tōya’s stolen powers in an attempt to kill the remaining three girls, incapacitating Kuon and Els in the process. Es, still standing, immune to Freaks’ grymoire and not willing to watch her friends being savagely being hurt anymore, picks up the Murakumo in a quiet fury and proceeds to attack Freaks, but is counterattacked by him. Being knocked away and having lost her eyepatch, her left eye finally opens revealing a blue eye, to Es’ wonder, with a bright blue light engulfing her. She wakes up to find herself in a mysterious blue space which looks familiar to her, where she finds a pink haired girl being philosophical about how hope and despair are just mere illusions that lead people astray. The girl welcomes Es, which shocks her as she just met her, welcomes her to the Phantom Field and introduces herself as Nobody. Throughout their conversation, Es continues to ask who she is, feeling she knows her but can’t remember with her heart aching in her presence like with Tōya with Es unknowingly crying while Nobody is also crying for some reason. Nobody regains herself to tell Es she has the power to actualize her feelings into power, letting her know she can only use it once and that it’s the only gift she’ll be able to give her. Before Es could question it, the Phantom Field suddenly turns red, with Nobody’s body starting to fade away. Before returning to her world, Es tries to ask Nobody her real name, but Nobody doesn’t, instead leaving it as a riddle for her, saying that she has faith in Es and that she hopes she solves the riddle someday.

Back in her world, she recalls her encounter with Nobody while Freaks is threatening to kill her. Picking up Murakumo once more, her left eye opens and she activates her own version of XBlaze, the Phantom Grymoire, much to Freaks’ shock. Upon activating it, Es recovers her memories as the individual left in the Phantom Field, Nobody, and the pink haired girl, who is her friend, “Me”. Due to “Me” sending her back home, she will always treasure their friendship and promises that she will do her best to be happy. Preparing to fight Freaks, Es, speaking lower than usual, calls on Mei, Kuon, and Els, who have recovered from their injuries, to attack and defend against Freaks. Just as Freaks was trying to use his grymoire again to kill them, Es calls on Tōya, who recovered and wielding a red copy of the Murakumo, to come in and attack him, slashing Freaks’ eye where his crystal is, disabling his grymoire in the process. With Freaks distracted from his eye injury and trying to fight off Tōya, Es charges toward Freaks from one side with Tōya coming from the other, with both slashing Freaks’ crystal in his right eye. Morning broke, with Es and the others wonder if Freaks is down, he suddenly stands and uncharacteristically calls Es to apologize for his actions. Realizing that she and Tōya finally defeated the evil serial killer for good and that Kiri survived, she went to check on him. Kiri apologizes for what he did, seemingly aware of what Freaks did, but Es reassured him otherwise. Kiri and Es thank each other for their kindness before Kiri fell unconscious.

After taking Kiri to the hospital to get his injuries treated, Es, feeling that Tōya and Mei deserves to know the truth, tells them about her past memories with them, in which they believe her. Tōya and Mei in return tell Es about Tōya’s past and his Drive Ability that he used against Freaks. Es then rejoins the Mitsurugi Agency’s Sleipnir Unit and starts training at Mei’s place.

Some time later, Es visits the Himezuru residence, to which Hinata greets her. Es informs her that after two weeks at Mei’s place, she can return to the Himezuru residence. She then sees Yuki and Akira, with Yuki taking the day off helping Akira and Hinata with their studies. Es informs them that thanks to Mei, she set up to go back to school in Tōya and Hinata’s class, much to the others happiness. After talking with them a bit, Es says her goodbyes for now with Hinata, Yuki, and Akira before heading to the restricted ward to meet up with Mei. Mei informs Es that Tōya has drained the Wadatsumi Gate’s magic element and destroyed it, with Mei perfectly fine with the decision. Mei states with it, a number of people who want to use the gate like Sōichirō will lower and that if the existence of the gate and Boundary is left alone long enough, it will be forgotten and if it was taken care of sooner, the Wadatsumi Incident could have been stopped. Although Es and Mei agree that if it weren’t for the incident bringing Es and Tōya into being, Es also says that they shouldn’t allow another incident like the Wadatsumi Incident to ever happen again, with Mei bringing up that there are other gates, much to Es’ surprise. Mei tells Es she and Tōya are planning to set up a new organization to destroy the remaining gates, with Es already a member. Es however tells her that she’s not as strong as she was before, with Mei telling her otherwise as she can use Murakumo and threw a big Union some time ago, with Es stating that the Murakumo is light and she used leverage to handle the Union. Mei than reassures Es she is capable enough and that her fighting ability is not the only thing they’ll need, cheering Es up, repling that she’ll do her best for Mei and Tōya. They then talk about how Kuon is to become the Ten Sages leader, with Es keeping in contact with Els through Mei’s laptop, much to Mei’s annoyance. Tōya comes around, happy to see that Es has arrived, to tell her and Mei that the gate is taken care of. Es points out that Tōya now has a goal in destroying the gates, with him happily saying he wants to use his powers to the best of his abilities, with Es and Mei rooting for him and joking around about giving a fan club, much to Tōya’s embarrassment and Es’ amusement.

Some time later at school on the rooftop, Es writes a letter to her beloved friend, “Me”, letting her know she’s truly happy now. Es “informs” her that while times of despair and days of hope will be in the future waiting for her and the others, Es has vowed to keep moving forward, no matter what. She than notes that while she may never see “Me” again, she’ll always be one of her dearest friends and happily thanks her for helping her save the others and obtaining her happiness. Es than begins helping Tōya and Mei with their new organization and helping out with the Unions, visits a recovering Kiri in the hospital, and later gets properly introduced to Kazuto along with the others by Yuki. Es continues to live her life, finally happy to be with her loved ones.

BlazBlue: Centralfiction[]

This section is based on the act 3, “The Replacement Blue”, of BlazBlue: Centralfiction.

Es appears inside the Embryo. In the Orient Town, she meets Makoto Nanaya, at first sight mistaking her for someone else. Es thinks this meeting is part of the Will of the Blue, and needs to confirm it by a fight. After this match, Es states that Makoto’s soul resembles the one of a person she knows. However, she is still not sure why the Will teleported her to this land.

At the Lakeside Port, Es encounters Naoto Kurogane, wondering if he’s a part of the Will of the Blue, too. Naoto, hearing something about the “Blue”, took an interest in her presence, asking for information about it. She refuses to share anything on it, but nonetheless, she’s glad they met in this place, as he’s an irregularity from the other world, and he might be the clue why she’s been taken to this place. Naoto is surprised she’s not from this world, too, noticing life-force value above her head, saying it’s a very high. He asks who she is, to which she replies that her name is Es, and her duty is being a Conciliator, and the guardian of the Gate of the Blue. Naoto gets even more interested in this, but she refuses to say anything more. Instead, she is the one who wants to ask questions. He decides to fight her with hopes to make her tell him everything he needs to know. During the fight, Es senses a fragment of the Blue in him. Naoto gives up the fighting, and runs away. Es wants to chase him, but a sensation makes her feel that it’s dangerous, as he has the means to defeat her. She believes if it’s indeed the Will of the Blue that brought her in this place, then this meeting must have some significance, and with no doubt their paths will cross once more.

She arrives at the Grave Marker of Bases and encounters Tsubaki Yayoi with the released Weaving Zero: Izayoi. Es recognizes her by the attire. Tsubaki states that the girl’s presence is similar to Noel’s, but something is different, asking her who she is. Es replies she’s searching for the reason why she’s here, what she must do, what the Blue expects from her – and she needs to see it with her own eyes. They start the fighting, but after a while their match is disturbed with Es feeling the Blue presence. Seeing Ragna the Bloodedge, she understands why she was brought to this world, and what is her duty here.
Es (Centralfiction, arcade mode illustration, 1, type A)

Es fights Ragna

She teleports herself and him before the Forbidden Gate to guide him, but before this, she needs to confirm if he’s indeed the Man of the Blue, all through the fight. The match is interrupted by a sudden intervention, which made Ragna disappear. Then, a voice from the Gate could be heard saying it’s too soon for him, his possibility to become the Man of the Blue is still incomplete, making him not ready to open the Gate.
Es (Centralfiction, arcade mode illustration, 2)

The voice from the Gate

Es is surprised that the one from the Gate can see it, realizing something, and telling: “you are you, so you can see it” – to which it responded the cycle of cause and destiny will continue as the Blue desires. She asks him if it’s the will of gods, to which the voice replies that there are no gods. Eventually, she returns to her duty of guarding the gate, and soon once more she will lead him this way.

This section is based on story “Centralfiction” of BlazBlue: Centralfiction.

Under the Will of the Blue, Es was instructed to force the Qualified to fight for the Blue or face the inevitable Doomsday. She encountered Makoto Nanaya and Naoto, who the former encouraged Naoto to run. After battling Makoto, their fight was interrupted by Amane Nishiki. The two witnessed Makoto as she underwent magic element reduction. Just before disappearing, she asked Es for her name and called it cute and nostalgic, causing her to be shocked. Before leaving, she told Amane that she was going to pursue Naoto.

She was later seen denying Yūki Terumi access to the Gate, and protected it from Susanoo until the Master Unit acknowledged that she had no chance of winning, rendering her unable to use the full power of Murakumo. Just before he could land the final blow, she was teleported away to the location of Naoto. Es told him that he needed to protect the “possibility” that she doesn’t know about, shortly before undergoing magic element reduction. Before she disappeared, she told him it is possible that she was the “past” and he was the “future”.

Powers and abilities[]

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 13, Type B)

Es wields one of the legendary Legacy Weapons – Crystalline Sealed Blade: Murakumo. Her skills with the blade are awe-inspiring, being able to deflect multitudes of shrapnel being launched at her by Akio Osafune. On top of this, Es is strong enough to survive a multitude of blows dealt by the physically impressive Drei. Adding to her physical abilities, Es has an abnormally fast reaction time, coupled with impressive speed; she was able to even catch up to Ripper. Even unarmed, she possessed enough strength to easily lift and carry Tōya Kagari a considerable distance without fatigue. Because of her blank expressions and apparent lack of emotions, even Ripper’s taunting could not provoke her, proving her to be incapable of panicking and losing the psychological advantage.

She also has the ability to detect Discover Calls emitted by Unions. After inheriting the Embryo, she could hear a similar type of sound emitted by the Master Unit within the Boundary. As a member of Sleipnir, Es can easily identify what Phase a Union has progressed to. If the crystal was not visible, she could monitor the magic element levels around the Union, and determine it that way instead. If need be, she could pull up the Agency’s database at any time, and access files to help with her situation.

Once she had inherited the Embryo, Es was able to create an enclosed space with the Boundary, as well as the ability to use Event Interference .

During the battle with Freaks, Es used the Phantom Grymoire which temporarily restored her former strength and speed. This ability faded away after defeating Freaks. It is shown that while she is not as strong and fast as she was, she is still capable and formidable in battle as Mei mentions she was able to fight and throw a Union much bigger than her.

In BlazBlue: Centralfiction, her Drive is called Crest Arts (クレストアーツ Kuresuto Ātsu). This allows her to transform the after trails of her sword swings into beautiful and sharp crests, which damage the opponent. She also can enhance her attacks.


  • All of Es’ special attacks are named after members of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, while her Overdrive is named after a legendary island from the Arthurian legends.
    • Type: Amplifier – “Avalon”: The legendary idyllic island, Avalon.
    • Type: Braver – “Lancelot”: Sir Lancelot du Lac.
    • Type: Enchanter – “Bors”: Sir Bors the Younger and his father, King Bors the Elder.
    • Type: Slasher – “Griflet”: Sir Griflet, also known as Jaufre.
    • Type: Slasher – “Mordred”: Sir Mordred.
    • Type: Shooter – “Breunor”: Sir Breunor le Noir, nicknamed La Cote Mal Taillée.
    • Type: Assaulter – “Erec”: Sir Erec.
    • Type: Enchanter – “Percival”: Sir Percival.
    • Type: Shooter – “Palomides”: Sir Palamedes.
    • Type: Slasher – “Galahad”: Sir Galahad, also known as Galath.
    • Type: Slasher – “Gawain”: Sir Gawain.
    • Type: Assaulter – “Tristan”: Tristan, also known as Tristram, male hero of the Arthurian Tristan and Iseult story.
    • Type: Exterminator – “Artorius”: King Arthur, leader of the Knights of the Round Table and king of Camelot. The name “Artorius” is one of the most commonly suggested sources of the name “Arthur”.
  • When Es gets electrocuted by Rachel Alucard or Kokonoe Mercury, the original Murakumo can be seen inside the sword case.
  • Es’ birthday falls on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, a remembrance day observed primarily in the United States and Canada. Somewhat ironically, Es’ name not only means “Embryo Storage”, but she would later inherit the Embryo itself.
  • In the English localization of BlazBlue: Centralfiction, in Es’ arcade story she’s called a “guy” by Naoto.


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