Azrael (Chronophantasma, Arcade Mode Illustration, 2, Type A)

Azrael releases level 2

Enchant Dragunov (暴虐呪(エンチャットドラグノフ) Enchatto Doragunofu, Tyranny Curse) is a limiter that Azrael uses to hold back his own strength.

This limiter appears as tattoos covering his body, and they glow as Azrael releases the levels of Enchant Dragunov. The maximum level is unknown, but it was released up to level 2 when Azrael fought Ragna the Bloodedge in the Arcade Mode of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma.

When Ragna first saw it, he thought that this was either a Gain Art or an Overdrive, but it is neither of them, according to Azrael.

In the Story Mode of BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Azrael attempted to release the limiter up to level 4, but Jin Kisaragi used his powerful technique on him before he could release it, and Azrael was teleported away by Trinity Glassfille.

Azrael releases all levels of Enchant Dragunov during his Astral Heat, which makes his tattoos disappear.

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