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Elina (エリナ Erina) is a character in BlazBlue: Remix Heart. She was a very talented Magic Formula user who joined the World Void Information Control Organization.


Elina appears to be an elegant woman with long, light hair, braided in the middle with dark-colored ribbons. She wore a modified uniform, similar to outfits of the Magic Association.


Elina was a brilliant and intelligent young woman who loved her beloved very much. After her lover passed away, she became very desperate to research a way to revive him.


Elina was once a top student at the academy who, after graduating, became an Control Organization member until her dearly beloved passed away. Distraught, she tried desperately to research a way to resurrect him. One day, she found the Pursuit Grimoire, which she thought could bring the dead back, but her soul fused with it as payment for her goal of resurrecting the dead.

Later, she became enraged due to her wish of wanting to see her beloved again, until Mai managed to calm her down with a kiss. When Elina tasted the flower petal Mai had in her lips, it was revealed that her lover’s soul was actually inside the flowers that bloomed around the grimoire, and that he was always at her side. With Elina overjoyed from the discovery, she confessed to him, and the two embraced together. This act was what finally set Elina’s soul free from the grimoire, and made her able to join her lover in the afterlife. Before disappearing with her lover, she thanked Mai for freeing her.



  • Elina was the first ever President of the Military Academy’s student council.


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