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Achievements which can be received during gameplay of Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san.

Picture Name Description XP
Gorilla Fate is Turning Gorilla Fate is Turning! We hope you enjoy Dead Spike-san. 1000
Get ready to rock Get ready to rock! View Tutorial 1000
New Yokohama New Yokohama View the credits. 1000
Favorites Favorites Eat a large fish sausage 1000
I Cant Contain my Strength I Can’t Contain my Strength Activate Overdrive at least 3 times during one game. 10000
Im Not Done Yet I’m Not Done Yet! Successfully complete a 10-chain combo. 1000
Im Just Getting Started I’m Just Getting Started! Successfully complete a 50-chain combo. 5000
Its Not Over Yet It’s Not Over Yet! Successfully complete a 100-chain combo. 10000
Its Like a Party in my Mouth It’s Like a Party in my Mouth Successfully complete a 200-chain combo 20000
Call the Chef Call the Chef Completed a full-chain combo. 10000
Too Easy Too Easy! Get S-Rank on six songs in Easy mode. 10000
I Did It I Did It! Get S-Rank on six songs in Normal mode. 10000
Amazing Amazing! Get S-Rank on six songs in Hard mode. 10000
The Power of the Azure The Power of the Blue… Get S-Rank on all six songs. 10000