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A Drive (ドライブ Doraibu) is the materialization of a soul’s power, made via the power of the Blue.


A Drive can be achieved through two methods:

The closer a soul is to the Blue, the stronger the Drive is. However, when a Drive is used, it can leave remains of the Blue; the stronger the Drive, the longer the Remains last.

Drive can be described as a special state of soul. There are two types of carriers: some are born with a Drive, other have their Drive awakened.

The use of a Drive consumes the magic element around the user. When there is not enough of the element, a portion of the user’s soul is consumed.

Heavy torture can deprive of a Drive, like it happened in case of Karenjina Parsett and her awakened Seagull.

Clavis Alucard’s existence is simply like a Drive in itself because of his existence as an illusionary creature, while Izanami literally is the Master Unit’s Drive.

XBlaze world shows a particular illness giving people Drive. They are collectively known as the Unions.

List of Drives[]

The Drives on this list were confirmed one way or another to be real.

Character Drive Description
BlazBlue world
Karenjina Parsett Seagull (シーガル Shīgaru) By laying hands on the ground, she can find all the nearby creatures.
Rachel Alucard Silpheed (シルフィード Shirufīdo) Controls the wind.
Ragna the Bloodedge Soul Eater (ソウルイーター Souru Ītā) Result of his Blue Grimoire. Drains life force by the touch, devours the souls, allows to heal its wielder.
The Origin Unknown Unknown properties. Izanami is a manifestation of her Drive.
XBlaze world
Mei Amanohokosaka Blood Cain (血契印(ブラッド・カイン) Buraddo Kain, Blood Tally) Ability that condenses her blood and seals the Original Grymoire.
Sechs Deadly Sign (聖傷痕(デッドリー・サイン) Deddorī Sain, Holy Scar) Turns ordinary people into Unions.
Akira Kamewari Hekatonkheires (阡本糸(へカトンケイル) Hekatonkeiru, Thousand Basing Threads) Generates red wires.
Akio Osafune Iron Shooter (鋼鉄弾(アイアン・シューター) Aian Shūtā, Steel Bullet) Magnetism. Fires any metal objects that he touched with a high speed.
Freaks Scissor Hands (殺戮指(シザー・ハンズ) Shizā Hanzu, Slaughtering Fingers) Turns his fingers into blades covered in magic element. The wounds cannot be healed with sorcery. It also creates throwing knives.
Gorō Jōizumi Screaming Jaw (雄叫顎(スクリーム・ジョウ) Sukurīmu Jō, War Cry Jaw) Creates destructive sound waves.
Acht Veil Skin (硬化膜(ベイル・スキン) Beiru Sukin, Hardening Membrane) Produces a second skin which nulls the effects of sorcery.
Artillery Unknown Shoots bullets of compressed air.
Tōya Kagari Unknown Controls blood.
Bloodedge Experience world
Naoto Kurogane Bloodedge (ブラッドエッジ Buraddoejji) Creates iron objects from blood. Eyes turn red and hair turns white through heavy usage.
Saya Terumi Soul Eater (ソウルイーター Souru Ītā) Drains life force by the touch, devours the souls, allows to heal its wielder.
Raquel Alucard Tempest (風使い(テンペスト) Tenpesuto, Wind Tamer) Controls the wind.
Kiiro Hikagami Unknown Power to slice everything. When using Murakumo Unit, Kiiro summoned myriad swords.
Spinner Superior Unknown Unknown.

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