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The Dream Blades: Musashi (夢刀・六三四 Mujin: Musashi, Dream Blades: Six Three Fourths, localized as Mucro Somnio: Musashi) is an Arch-Enemy Event Weapon with the shape of a pair of kodachis, one stored in each end of the sheath. This weapon is wielded by Jūbei.


Nine used a part of Takemikazuchi’s core to create Musashi specifically for the beastman, Jūbei.

Musashi’s blade can cut straight through things that cannot normally be cut.[1] After the Great Dark War, its core was released, but Jūbei continues to use it.



  • It seems to be named after Musashi no Ken, a Japanese sports manga series that focuses on kendo, and its protagonist, Musashi Natsuki (夏木六三四 Natsuki Musashi)
    • It is also somewhat named after Miyamoto Musashi, an expert Japanese swordsman, who became renowned through stories of his excellent and unique double-bladed swordsmanship.
      • Also to add to this, two of his attacks (one of his specials and his Exceed Accel) are named after Musashi’s ring motif; the latter in particular borrows from his famous “Book of Five Rings”.
  • Despite being read as “Mujin”, the kanji for “jin” is that for “tō/katana” instead.


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