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Detective Team of Pretty Girls: Remix Heart (美少女探偵団リミックスハート Bishōjo Tantei-dan Rimikkusu Hāto, localized as Pretty Girl Detectives: Team Remix Heart) is the main group in BlazBlue: Remix Heart.

Kajun Faycott came up with the name because they went looking through the Military Academy for grimoires and because by coming together their feelings also joined together.

The Remix Heart team consisted of: Mai Natsume, Kajun Faycott, Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya, and Shiori Kirihito.

Grimoires found[]

  1. Evolution Grimoire (Edit Evolution)
  2. Truth Grimoire (Ammit Clearth)
  3. Conversion Grimoire
  4. Regulation Grimoire
  5. Trance Grimoire
  6. Compensation Grimoire
  7. Pursuit Grimoire
  8. Intermediary Grimoire



Detective Team of Pretty Girls: Remix Heart
Members Kajun Faycott · Shiori Kirihito · Makoto Nanaya · Mai Hazuki · Noel Vermillion · Tsubaki Yayoi
Found Grimoires Evolution Grimoire (Edit Evolution) · Truth Grimoire (Ammit Clearth) · Conversion Grimoire · Regulation Grimoire · Compensation Grimoire · Pursuit Grimoire · Intermediary Grimoire
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