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Noel Vermillion (Continuum Shift, Story Mode Illustration, 6)

The Kagutsuchi puffer fish, simmered in peppers and spices

The “Death Dinner (デスディナー Desu Dinā) is the nickname of Noel Vermillion’s cooking, that was gained during her time at the Military Academy, where it was used as a punishment.


Originally Saya’s ability, it was gained by all of her clones except for Lambda. Anything cooked by Saya or Noel turns into a terrifying dish that knocks out everyone who tastes it. According to Kajun Faycott, those who consume the Death Dinner balance between life and death.

Noel makes a rule not to taste anything, and the only ones who were able to eat her cooking, stay conscious after it, and actually enjoy it, are Mai Hazuki, thanks to her supertaste ability, and Hazama, for unknown reasons.

Dish examples[]

  • Less than ten days after arriving at the church, Saya and Sister made raspberry jam (キイチゴジャム kīchigo jamu). Saya made it with Sister’s advices, and the raspberry they got from the forest nearby, but it still turned into the Death Dinner that she gave to her brother, Ragna. According to him, Saya’s jam was a moving, color-changing substance that smelled like raspberry. Since Jin got a portion of jam made by Sister, Ragna had no other choice but to eat it, and when he tasted it, he felt like his consciousness exploded, and the boy fainted.
  • Carl Clover ate a chocolate banana mousse (チョコレートバナナムース chokorēto banana mūsu) made by Noel, and described it as something that “looked really fluffy on the outside, the middle was quite moist and the center was harder than a diamond”. Noel recognized her dish from that description.
  • In her gag scenario in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Noel made her own version of the signature dish of a Chinese restaurant in Orient Town, the Kagutsuchi puffer fish, simmered in peppers and spices (カグツチフグの山椒辛子水煮 Kagutsuchi fugu no sanshō karashi mizuni). It was described as something that “did not sit on the plate so much as squat malevolently, hating all and being hated by all”. Noel knocked out every customer of the restaurant with that dish, excluding Hazama, who actually enjoyed it.
  • In BlazBlue: Remix Heart manga, Noel made various dishes for Mai Hazuki, who could not eat anything else because of her supertaste. When Mai was about to try it for the first time, she said that the visual is censored.
  • During the Under Night In-Birth episode mode in BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleNoel presents Hyde with a plate of "curry" obscured by a mosaic censor. Hyde reacts (internally) to the dish "[...] as if the Hollow Night was simmered in a pot and served up on a plate." The subsequent tag battle has the added caveat where the losing team must eat the curry. Despite admitting his growing hunger only moments ago, Hyde immediately hightails it once the tag battle concludes.


  • When hit by Taokaka’s Cat Spirit Encore!, Noel, Mu-12 and Nu-13 drop a plate of Death Dinner.
  • The Death Dinner is very similar to the Mystery Food X in Persona 4, a failed dish used for comical scenes. Generally speaking, both of these failed dishes were, accurately, the same.