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The Crystalline Sealed Blade: Murakumo (契晶封刃・ムラクモ Kesshō Fūjin: Murakumo, localized as Crystal Sealing Blade: Murakumo[1]) is a Legacy Weapon wielded by Es, and previously also temporarily by Tōya Kagari.

This blade can easily destroy a Union’s crystal in a single slash. The sword is sentient and has the ability to choose its owner – if it feels it cannot trust someone, no force in the universe will allow that person to wield it.

During the course of XBlaze, the sword resembles one of the Murakumo Unit blades. Since Es is seen as the Conciliator, it is sheathed. The blade can absorb the surrounding magic element and store it within this sheath.[2] It’s unknown if this sword had this ability before.

There is no real information about any potential repercussions regarding its use.



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