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The Corpse Burial: Requiem (骸葬・レクイエム Gaisō: Rekuiemu, localized as Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem) was the 11th Arch-Enemy Event Weapon developed by Konoe Ayatsuki Mercury after the Great Dark War.


Requiem was made by Nine to replace the Master Unit, and it was able to trigger a massive scaled Event Interference. Nine described it as “a perfect system that will prevent someone else from intervening so that anyone’s dream can come true”.

Requiem was kept in Nine’s personal lab that was situated in the Kiln of the First Area. Kokonoe Mercury sealed it off by building the 7th Agency facility on the top of the Kiln.

Nine wanted to rewind time back to the point where she could create a new world that is not based on Amaterasu’s dreams. She also planned to kill Hades: Izanami with Requiem, and even though she was not able to complete it, she activated it during their fight. With Requiem’s power, Nine was able to freeze time in the room where they were fighting, delaying the Doomsday and stopping Izanami for a week, but she used her own life as a catalyst to activate it.

Requiem went out of control, and it should have exploded as soon as time resumed, destroying the whole world. To prevent this, Kokonoe destroyed it by using Ex Machina: Minerva, whose power source is a miniaturized reactive furnace.



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