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Cancel (キャンセル Kyanseru) is a term used to describe the act of transitioning from one motion to another without recovery time in between. Often this occurs after an attack that hits or is blocked by the opponent. Not only can normal attacks be cancelled into special attacks, but revolver action and jump cancelling are also part of the cancelling family. There are some moves that can only be cancelled when it connects with the opponent, and not when it is blocked.

Cancel types[]

Revolver Action[]

Revolver Action (リボルバーアクション Riborubā Akushon) is a mechanic that allows for several normal attacks to be strung together. When a normal attack connects, or is blocked, inputting another normal attack immediately after will initiate the next attack without going through the entire recovery animation. Normal attacks, and their various directional inputs can be integrated into a Revolver Action sequence.

Jump Cancel[]

Jump Cancel (ジャンプキャンセル Janpu Kyanseru) is an act of cancelling a motion into a jump. If a move is jump cancelable, then it is also high jump cancelable in any direction. There are also some attacks that can only be jump canceled if the opponent is not blocking. Jump canceling is useful for several things, like extending the length of combos, applying more pressure if the opponent is blocking or jumping away from the opponent to keep distance.

Dash Cancel[]

Dash Cancel (ダッシュキャンセル Dasshu Kyanseru) is a type of cancel that interrupts the previous action with a dash. Dash cancels can only be done by a few characters, after certain attacks. While locking down or hit-stunning an opponent, the opponent is vulnerable to an approach, which is a great opportunity for a combo. Note, however, the dash from a dash cancel only covers a short distance, before the character will stop automatically.

Kara Cancel[]

Kara Cancel (カラキャンセル Kara Kyanseru) is to cancel the start-up frames of one move with a separate move. In BlazBlue, the input window for simultaneous inputs is 2 frames. Thus, taking advantage of this, certain moves can be immediately cancelled by other ones during start-up. This technique greatly increases the potential and usability of throws.

Rapid Cancel[]

Rapid Cancel (ラピッドキャンセル Rapiddo Kyanseru) is an ability to recover from almost any animation instantly at the expense of 50% of the Heat Gauge. When an attack connects or is blocked, pressing A+B+C simultaneously will activate the Rapid Cancel. If successful, a red effect will be produced around the character, and he or she will instantly return to the neutral position. Using Rapid Cancels, players are able to extend combos for more damage or reset high-risk moves, preventing the opponent from counterattacking.