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ResearcherFerd ResearcherFerd 28 February 2021

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC Wishlist

Since BBTAG hasn't got any character for a year now, I would like to make a wishlist of the DLC I want in BBTAG. I'll pick 10 BlazBlue characters and the characters that are not in the BBTAG datamines while I pick 5 for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r], RWBY, Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars Xtend, Senran Kagura, Akatsuki Blitzkampf/En-Ens Perfektewelt.


1. Taokaka

2. Arakune

3. Amane Nishiki

4. Kagura Mutsuki

5. Bang Shishigami

6. Izanami

7. Relius Clover

8. Carl Clover

9. Mu-12

10. Kokonoe

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

1. Rise Kujikawa

2. Junpei Iori

3. Sho Minazuki

4. Margeret

5. Ken Amada and Koromaru

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]

1. Miyashiro Erika Wagner

2. Gaien Enkidu

3. Phonon

4. Byakuya

5. Phonon the Chermeti


1. …

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Nurse Puppo Nurse Puppo 2 November 2019

New to the Blazblue Wiki

I'm a new person on this wiki here and Lemmie tell you, i love Blazblue, it's such a cool game and it's a part of my growing up as a teenager! I don't know why i didn't join the wiki sooner but now i have! 

I'll look forward to socializing with you people more, peace out :D

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Face Monster Face Monster 1 February 2017

Face Monster's Guide to Special Pages

Special pages are a collection of useful tools and reports applicable to the current wiki. They cannot be edited, and instead provide users with maintenance reports, various lists of pages, lists of users and ways to manage them, various logs and so on.

The special pages are located in the Special namespace and…

  • 1 Oh, right, namespaces.
    • 1.1 List of namespaces
  • 2 Moving on…
    • 2.1 List of special pages
  • 3 Conclusion

The Templates guide mentions the Template namespace, I here talk about the pages of Special namespace, but we have people who are still learning WikFandom, and don't know such things. So…

A namespace is a kind of an ultimate category, which stores all pages which have similar purposes and work differently from other types of pages. For example, a …

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Night Vision Night Vision 30 July 2014

“We’re translating meanings, not words.”

This time only multiple translations for one term. So sorry for being cheap and not giving sources where each of these appeared, maybe another time.

  • Hades: Izanami
  • Hades Izanami
  • Hades of Izanami

  • Homura Amanohokosaka
  • Amano Hokozaka Homura

  • Suzuko Kagari
  • Ryouko Kagari

  • Claudius Alucard
  • Clavis Alucard

  • Raquel Alucard
  • Raquelle Alucard
  • Rachel Alcard

  • Trinity Glassfille
  • Trinity Glassfield

  • Tomonori
  • Tonomori

  • Tata
  • Ta-ta
  • Tar Tar-san
  • Tarter
  • Tartar

  • Observer
  • Spectator
  • Bystander

  • Boundary Interface Prime Field Device
  • Dimensional Boundary Contact Prime Field Force
  • Dimensional Boundary Contact Medium
  • Dimensional Boundary Interface Link
  • Dimensional Boundary Interface Prime Field Device
  • Boundary Prime Field Device

  • Prime Field Device
  • Contingency Medium — BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, Mu-12’s…

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Face Monster Face Monster 30 December 2016

Face Monster's Guide to Templates

Now that I've explained the Source Editor, let's talk about templates! The Help page states that "A template is a special type of page that has been designed so its content can be included in other pages.". In simple words, by creating a page in the Template namespace, you can include the page's content on every other page just by writing its name in curly brackets. This is how we handle navigation boxes, copyright boxes, and infoboxes, which are also templates.

Here, I'll describe some of this wiki's templates. Do note that what I write here applies to the Source Editor.

|Image = |Damage = 640 |Heat gain = 273 |Description = A leaning forward backspin/turning roundhouse kick. }}

These are definitely not all templates, and I haven't even touc…

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Face Monster Face Monster 30 December 2016

My PC was magically revived!

So, some of my problems are solved and I'm finally working on my PC. I won't have as much free time as I had back then, but at least I'm able to actually do something now.

Now, since I was stuck with just my phone for a pretty damn long time, I'll need some time to catch up with all those new things I missed, and then I'll continue taking care of all stuff that should be deleted/rewritten. But, when I'll get Centralfiction, I'll drop whatever I'll be working on and will try to rip its contents and upload results here.

If someone cares, I ask you to look through these Special pages from time to time, and make sure that they are empty:

  • DoubleRedirects
  • BrokenRedirects
  • UnusedVideos
  • UnusedCategories
  • UnusedFiles
  • WantedCategories
  • WantedPages
  • WantedFiles
  • Unc…
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Face Monster Face Monster 30 December 2016

Face Monster's Guide to Source Editor

I noticed that most of this wiki's contributors use the Visual Editor, which is really bad. I can't see how this thing can be comfortable for an intelligent person, so I assume that people just don't know that there is the great and lovely Source Editor. So, I decided to write this guide, which is more like a "cheat sheet", to improve the contributions on BlazBlue Wiki.

The Help page states that "Editing on Wikia is generally as simple as clicking the 'Edit' button on a page".

It's not.

When clicking the 'Edit' button, most users will see VisualEditor, or sometimes the Rich Text Editor. Both of them are shit. You see, Wikia works on the MediaWiki engine, and uses MediaWiki's wikitext format, so that users without knowledge of XHTML or CSS can …

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Stabber ApSig Stabber ApSig 20 February 2016

Making sense of BlazBlue workings

This is in no way done. Right now this is just a 'scratch board' for rough ideas in my attempt to collector and sort such things.

_-_-_ Logic of the World

Four Elements
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth
Two Origins
  • Light
  • Dark

Outside of Logic



Seithr, the Magic Element


Azure and the BoundaryAkasha , or The Root of TYPE-MOON's Nasuverse. The Azure specifically seems to be the origin and destination of the Soul, where it comes from when one is born and where goes at death


Sealed Weapon Izayoi

I theorize that Izayoi's full classification is an: "Ars Armagus Grimoire". 

The Immortal Breaker is comparable to a Conceptual Weapon from the Nasuverse.


Alchemy and Ars Magus have a very similar definition and characteristics.

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BP Vermilion BP Vermilion 7 March 2015

The original timeline

Having been educated a little bit about the original timeline, I've been debating a little on what to do about the subsections in character articles.

Currently, we have everything in subsections listed as what happens in the games/Extend stories/CD Drama's/canon manga. I propose that for everything that happened in the original timeline, it be moved under the heading "Original Timeline" and should be the first section.

Of course, this heading would only really apply to the characters who appear in this timeline, so characters like Mai Natsume and Azrael would be exempt. For characters who already have a 'Wheel of Fate' subsection, that could simply be renamed 'Original Timeline'

Now the only three sources for the original timeline, if I recal…

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Mahajustice Mahajustice 16 June 2016

Hakumen and 押して参る

Hakumen's brief character-defining monologue is of much importance and interest among BlazBlue fans. In full it reads

我は空、我は鋼、我は刃 我は一振りの剣にて全ての 「罪」 を刈り取り 「悪」 を滅する!! 我が名は 「ハクメン」、押して参る!

As it appears in the official English localization of the game, it reads

I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword.

With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction.

I am Hakumen. The end has come!

My sole goal here is to clarify the final phrase, oshite mairu, because discussion I have read about it around the internet indicates it is ill understood. Oshite Mairu is a fairly common Japanese phrase in media. You may hear it in Japanese cartoons or video games. It is a very archaic phrase, and like l…

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Zeretsu Zeretsu 13 January 2015

The way it looks and the way it works

Now, about what is this blog post ? Well it is about pondering the differences between how something looks and how something actually works in the BlazBlue universe. It is about reflecting upon the nature of things and how differently something appears compared to the way it works (or it's implications).

The first subjects of contemplation will be Jin's Astral Heat (Purgatory Ice Night) and Hakumen's Time Killer, but before that let's first take a look at Nox Nyctores.

What exactly are they ? Well they can be described as interfaces capable of reality distorting drives (dimensional interfaces, so to speak). By utilizing such interfaces, it is possible to distort reality, dimensions, space, time and even existence. In a way, the battles in Bla…

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BP Vermilion BP Vermilion 1 August 2014

3 year anniversary

Welp, continuing tradition, it is now three years since I joined this Wiki back in 2011! Which means a blog must follow!

Being here for three years does seem weird, I remember being completely inadequate at editing, and every edit I made was sooooo ridiculously poor. Now being the main page maker and lore lover, it seems like forever away, but of course, people, like our beloved Bureaucrat, are the reasons why I've actually gotten better. So thank you, everyone :)

AHEM. Following special thanks go to:

  1. Night Vision: Without this woman, this Wiki would be nothing, just a boiling cesspit in which idle fan-fantasies run havoc. She does so much work in the background that a lot of you normal users don't see and she is utterly amazing; respect yo' Bur…
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ShadowKazuni ShadowKazuni 6 April 2014

Here's a thought about Azrael's strength.

This post isn't made for speculation(may contain spoilers though), but it's a thought about Azrael's true strength.

If Azrael is barely using even only an eighth of his strength(according to his win quote against Kagura) against his opponents, which was enough to cribble Kagura, Ragna, and a couple of other strong characters. How strong would Azrael be in his full power? That's something I'd like to think about.

I guess we'll never know unless he manages to get out of his new prison.

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Kusanagi-14 Kusanagi-14 16 January 2014

My second anniversary on the wiki

Yeah, yes, si, tak. I realize it's a day early, but the 17th is a Friday, and I plan on relaxing and enjoying Grand Theft Auto V (aka "an end-of-year bonus well-spent") and writing over the weekend. In other words, I won't be here much. I'll just do it now, while I've got the will to devote my time to the wikis.

There's really nothing important to say here, but since it's been yet another year spent on the wiki, I might as well recap a little. In no particular order, I:

  • Became an admin
  • Finished school
  • Got a job

In other words, my personal life actually managed to overtake my online life in importance (!!!). More relevant, I have a few acknowledgements to make.

Exactly what it says on the tin. Again, in no particular order.

  • Night Vision - The obvi…

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Night Bot Night Bot 12 November 2013

Dates of Birth

  • 1 Dates of Birth
    • 1.1 January
    • 1.2 February
    • 1.3 March
    • 1.4 April
    • 1.5 May
    • 1.6 June
    • 1.7 July
    • 1.8 August
    • 1.9 September
    • 1.10 October
    • 1.11 November
    • 1.12 December

  • 1st - Bang Shishigami
  • 7th - Mu-12 (rebirth)
  • 15th - Kagura Mutsuki, Kazuto Kotetsu
  • 30th - Yuki Himezuru

  • 14th - Jin Kisaragi/Hakumen
  • 18th - Mei Amanohokosaka
  • 22nd - Taokaka

  • 3rd - Ragna the Bloodedge
  • 14th - Tsubaki Yayoi/Izayoi
  • 20th - Sōichirō Unomaru

  • 1st - Els von Klagen
  • 2nd - Makoto Nanaya
  • 10th - Acht
  • 18th - Kokonoe
  • 29th - Hazama/Yūki Terumi

  • 5th - Carl Clover
  • 8th - Hinata Himezuru

  • 1st - Relius Clover
  • 6th - Sechs
  • 21st - Linhua

  • 7th - Litchi Faye Ling
  • 20th - Tōya Kagari

  • 2nd - Bullet
  • 3rd - Ripper

  • 3rd - Jūbei
  • 15th - Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
  • 16th - Akira Kamewari
  • 21st - Kuon Glamred Stroheim

  • 10th - Azrael
  • 15th - Es
  • 31st - Drei, Rachel Alucard

  • 5th - Marc…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 3 November 2013

The Characters Popularity Poll in BlazBlue Radio: Hyper

In Episode 9 of the 2 part special of BlazBlue Radio: Hyper ArcFes Recording Special prior of both anime and console version's release, They have the characters' popularity poll in whoever the BlazBlue characters made it on top 10 and the rest is below the lowest. Before revealing top 10, they read the fan letters about the character's fan descriptions.

Here are the top 10 list of characters popularity in the poll they showed in the ArcFes Recording Special are.

1. Tsubaki

2. Noel

3. Hazama

4. Ragna

5. Jin

6. Makoto

7. Hakumen

8. Kokonoe

9. Bullet

10. Rachel

Okay what I remember some people below top 10 they are...?

11. Nu-13

12. Platinum the Trinity

13. Taokaka

14. Celica

15. Arakune

16. Izayoi

17. Jubei

18. Bang

19. Azteca

20. Mori-P

21. Amane

22. Azrael

Note: T…

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TheKeyofTwilight TheKeyofTwilight 18 August 2013

Can one use the corner too much or not enough?

Hey guys its me again many of you might know me a bit from my feelings on character changes thread. If not I am Ren/Fubuki  fellow BB player and apparently hate comes to me like nothing... Anyway I am here to ask of you what you think. Now I know i'm not the best BB player and I get a lot of hate for using things like grabs and other such a little too much. But I just play how I see people online play I watch plenty of BB videos on YouTube and I follow the example set by them. I might be overreacting and just going through another one of my phases of doubting myself. Now I've had trouble with that ever since I've joined the fighting game community. Yes I suck at other fighting games or i'm just not bad but I feel like I connect to BB prett…

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Kusanagi-14 Kusanagi-14 18 January 2013

My one year annivesary of being on this wiki

Yes. Credit to BP Vermilion for the idea.

So... Where to start... Perhaps how I had zero experience when I got here, but I know almost everything about wikis now? Or how I was more helpful six months ago, but now I'm just the resident grammar freak? Meh... None of that matters. What matters is that I've enjoyed my time here. You've all been fairly good to me. I just hope I've been a good contributor here.

Finally, since the community has been so tolerant of me, I'd like to give you all a reward. It's a picture of me. It's not much, but I'll just try to work harder and be more helpful in the future as thanks. How about that? :)

So, one year flew by, this one shall soon follow. Thanks for tolerating me.

Sincerely, your beloved psycho Kusanagi-14…

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DarkGhostMikel DarkGhostMikel 28 November 2012

Some PSN Replays I've recorded for BBCS, BBCS: Extend, P4U

Since February (and most recently November), I've been recording some netplay match replays I've saved to my PS3's hard drive. Playlists for the matches will be found below as sorted by game:

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift -

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend -

Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena/Persona 4 Arena -

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GunBlazer GunBlazer 22 November 2012

BBCP New Character Database

Shoutouts to Jourdal for this video. Basically, this video covers Relius Clover's poses with three of the four new characters, as well as these characters' own Astrals. Tsubaki's pose during Relius's Astral was changed as well, but it is not shown here.

EDIT: Replaced with Fixed Audio version, thanks to Abelcru

EDIT 2: Relius on Tsubaki here! Choose the one that says: BBCP_Relius_Astral_Tsubaki.png

EDIT 3: Mu's Astral is up! Uploader, Jourdal. Provider, BP Vermillion.

EDIT 4: Makoto Arcade, and IZAYOI FOOTAGE!

EDIT 5: Added Azrael, Amane and Bullet's themes, courtesy of Sourenga

EDIT 6: Nu & Mu official trailer, with Izayoi teaser.

EDIT 7: Tsubaki's Astral, via pktazn. Skip to 3:36. Thanks, Nights :3

EDIT 8: The Terror's Arcade. DAMN, HE IS A NASTY…

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Venom00 Venom00 1 September 2012

My WTF gallery

It's been quite a while since I started editing, and I don't think I'll quit following BlazBlue any time soon. So figure I should do something different. But anyway...

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TheKeyofTwilight TheKeyofTwilight 18 August 2013

What made me decide to main Jin

Okay okay so I decided to make a blog post and then link this to anyone that asks me why I main Jin. Okay so first off let me start off by saying I started out as a good ol' rags user in BBCT. But when I transitioned over to BBCS2 I didn't enjoy the way he played I also couldn't do air combos. So I then fell into despair and thought I sucked while playing with some friends I told them after today i'm quitting BB all together. Like most people when someone they enjoy playing a game with just decides to leave they told me I didn't suck. But I didn't believe them...After a few more rounds I decided to leave and play the story until the day was over. While playing I noticed I never played threw Jin's story so in my mind I thought about it and …

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BP Vermilion BP Vermilion 1 July 2012

Loopdy loop holes and unexplained stuff that doesnt make sense :D

Well with the spare time I have from being ill, I deceided that I would play Extend all the way through (all to 100%) and I found several annomalys that don't make sense, ergo, I deceided I would list this 'Loop Holes' and weird stuff to try and see if anyone knows answers.

  1. La Black Beast: If Nu and Ragna make one Black Beast. Hazama, Shuchiro-thingy and Relius made another one then there would be 2 right? So which one is the true one that everyone knows and hates eh?
  2. Litchi's bad ending in Continuum Shift has Koko saying that she'd do anything to save Litchi and that she knows how she must have felt trying to save Arakune... So why doesnt Koko help Litchi with anything? I mean Koko is an observer anyway so she must be able to remember like …
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TheKeyofTwilight TheKeyofTwilight 18 August 2013

BlazBlue CS Extend feelings about the changes

Ok well I decided to make a post about my feelings on the changes and updates to the characters I use introduced in BBCSE. First off let me say everything said in this post is how I feel, and if they vary from the way you feel please do not reply just off of your disagreements also if anything of stated in his is off fact please correct it and I will update and correct it. I understand everyone has different opinions and beliefs but I do not want to be blasted based on how I feel about said topic. I also am not trying to govern how you should reply if you want to reply please do just don't reply based on something stupid like this. ("Omg your a noob please just stop playing just because you don't like the changes." )

Okay back to the topic a…

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NovaFortuna NovaFortuna 9 February 2012

Lust SIN - Analysis on the lyrics

My theory, at least what I've had for a while:

Jin before becoming a psycho was actually a person who sought to do good. Reason why he was student council president, model student and a great soldier. However those achievements were always very shallow for him, he never felt he was doing something truly good for others, helping in an important way.

From childhood he actually got along with both Ragna and Saya at the beginning, but something must have happened between him and Saya, something particular from this timeline, my guess is that Saya knew she was something special or Jin's power of Order was different this timeline, perhaps more powerful than any of his past incarnations (because if it was the same as other loops why would Rachel ta…

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FangWolf.EXE FangWolf.EXE 2 February 2012

How I think BlazBlue will end

While we're currently in our second revision of Continuum Shift, the new story modes are slowly opening our eyes to a possible trilogy finale BlazBlue game. I wouldn't consider this so much a spoiler, because it's merely speculation, but if the series were to end, here's how I think it would. It does contain a minor spoiler mentioning the final cutscene of CS:EX, which, if you know the ending to CS, isn't even that much of a spoiler. It's merely just Ragna and Taokaka going to Ikaruga.

  • 1 So what happens?
    • 1.1 Makoto's story
    • 1.2 Valkenhayn's story
    • 1.3 Platinum's story
    • 1.4 Relius' story
  • 2 The Life Link, and how it could be the key to Ragna's goal
  • 3 Who will be playable in BB3?
    • 3.1 Highly Likely
    • 3.2 Possible
  • 4 "Now I've learned of another possibility!"

Well, at th…

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Night Vision Night Vision 27 January 2012

Tier Rankings

This page is completely unofficial and the ranking of the characters change with each new game.

This page is the unofficial tier list of BlazBlue characters. The rankings go from top SS class to bottom D class. Below is the list.

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DarkGhostMikel DarkGhostMikel 10 January 2012

Mikel's weekly live streaming. :D

So, I have an announcement to make!

I am going to hold weekly live streams of games starting on January 20th, the stream will include:

  • Question and Answers session during the stream, where you can ask me questions and all that (No stupid ones, please).
  • Me playing games online through friends (Multiplayer online games like Uncharted 2, UMvC3 (I don't have vanilla anymore), SSFIV AE (Version 2012), KOF XIII, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (I will do CS Extend once I get the game), etc.).
  • Me doing playthroughs of single player games.
  • Topics we can discuss about on certain days (Captivate 2012, E3 2012, Comic Con 2012 (Both), TGS 2012, etc.)
  • And some more that I will reveal soon.

So, if you are interested in taking part of viewing my live streams, let me …

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DarkGhostMikel DarkGhostMikel 4 January 2012

My Introduction

Hello. ;)

My name is DarkGhostMikel, but please call me Dark. I am an admin of the Gundam Fanon wiki, who came to this very wiki to help out and such. I am a fan of BlazBlue, and I use the pen name Takeshi Sawashiro for my fan fiction works.

In real life, I am a 18-year-old male, and a Senior in High School. I am a member of the Oklahoma Chapter of the National Honor Society. In the past, I was a member of Key Club, Student Council, and many other clubs I can't name. I am also an honor student, making the Honor Roll during my time at school, as well as my first Principal's Honor Roll at the end of the 2010-2011 school year (It took me that long to get there, but I made it).

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BP Vermilion BP Vermilion 1 July 2012


Weeeeeellllllllll I wasa thinking.... Can the BB wiki hold tournaments? Can the wiki be represented in a tournament? And who is the best player in the wiki? Place your votes now ;)

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GunBlazer GunBlazer 1 December 2011

When did Hazama Troll you?

As most BlazBlue players have cleared the story, you might have found what I meant with the title. I'd like to know when in the story you first experienced Hazama's trolling. Also, has Hazama trolled you outside of BlazBlue? (He has trolled me!)

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