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The Bleu/Green Bleu Grimoire (碧の魔道書 Ao no Madōsho), also known as the BlazBlue (碧の魔道書(ブレイブルー) BureiBurū, Bleu Grimoire) is Hazama’s grimoire (that his body is made entirely of) that is able to neutralize Ragna’s (Pale) Blue Grimoire. Kazuma Kval is hinted to be first Bleu Grimoire made, with both Hazama and him being co-created by Relius Clover to act as artificial bodies for Yūki Terumi (who lost his physical body).

The (Green) Bleu Grimoire is almost the same as the (Pale) Blue Grimoire, but more powerful despite also being a prototype thanks to Terumi's own knowledge of his own creation of the original Blue Grimoire and Relius' modifications to it. Kazuma and Hazama's bodies are the grimoire itself, with Kazuma's grimoire giving him an accelerated healing factor and the ability to bypass high-level barriers. Hazama's grimoire, however, once activated, emits an aura that absorbs the life force of everything that is in a certain radius around him.

The Bleu Grimoire can be also called the Code SOL (コードSOL Kōdo Esu Ō Eru). “Code” as in "Codex" is another name for the “grimoire”, and the acronym “SOL” stands for “Soul of Language” (ソウル・オブ・ランゲージ Sōru obu Rangēji).[1]

Initially, while this particular grimoire's make was crafted to naturally restrict the activation of all other prior Blue Grimoires, Ragna gaining the Idea Engine from Lambda's death during the events of Continuum Shift allowed him to combine the activation of it with his grimoire to bypass the restrictions from Hazama's grimoire to the true Blue.

However, this grimoire still possesses the same types of weaknesses in theory just like any other grimoire of a similar make, which is anything that can nullify the presence of magic element will cause it to cease its functions.

Anything that can disable the grimoire causes Kazuma or Hazama to be quite crippled and physically ill due to both their entire bodies being made of the grimoire's material, with Celica Ayatsuki Mercury's presence being a primary example for both cases.


Releasing the 666th restriction, deploying the dimensional interference imaginary magic circle, code SOL, BlazBlue, activation! (第666拘束機関解放、次元干渉虚数方陣展開、コードSOL、碧の魔道書(ブレイブルー)、起動! Dai-roku-roku-roku kōsoku kikan kaihō, jigen kanshō kyosū hōjin tenkai, kōdo Esu Ō Eru, BureiBurū, kidō!)[2]


  • Ragna’s Blue Grimoire is written with the kanji 蒼 (ao/sō), which means “blue” and “pale”, while Hazama’s is written with 碧 (ao/heki/hyaku), which means both “blue” and “green”.
  • In a comical sense tying into Terumi's villainous and vulgar nature, fans have often tied the SOL acronym to the phrase "shit outta luck" out of coincidence.

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  2. In English version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, it is: “Restriction 666 released, Dimensional Interference Field deployed! Code S.O.L., BlazBlue, activate!”


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