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BLAZBLUE SONG ACCORD #1 with CONTINUUM SHIFT is the fourth soundtrack of the '“BlazBlue series. It contains music from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.

Track listing[]

# Title Description Length
01 “Continuum Shift” Opening theme 1:19
02 「烈風(“Reppū”) Bang’s theme with Tsuyoshi Koyama’s vocal 3:52
03 Condemnation Wings ~Cry Camellia…~ Tsubaki’s theme with Asami Imai’s vocal 5:46
04 「Oriental Flower ~華となれ~」 (“Oriental Flower ~Hana to Nare~”) Litchi’s theme with Chiaki Takahashi’s vocal 3:34
05 「Queen of rose ~真紅の傍観者~」 (“Queen of rose ~Shinku no Bōkansha~”) Rachel’s theme with Kana Ueda’s vocal 3:50
06 “Gluttony Fang” Hazama’s theme 5:45
07 “Condemnation Wings” Tsubaki’s theme 5:45
08 “Nightmare Fiction” Ragna VS Hazama theme 4:24
09 “Memory of Tears” Noel VS Tsubaki theme 5:16
10 “Endless Despair” Unlimited Hazama theme 5:13
11 “Rubble Song” Staff roll music 4:19
12 「Stardust memory ~約束の場所~」 (“Stardust memory ~Yakusoku no basho~”) Saya’s music box theme with Kanako Kondō’s vocal 4:47


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