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BlazBlue Quiz Mode (BBQモード BBQ Mōdo), is a game mode completely exclusive to the PlayStation Portable version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, which is available only in Japanese language. The mode challenges the player by giving them questions relating to the BlazBlue universe, players have to choose their answers from four options. The player has twenty seconds to answer a question. There are two sub-modes in this mode.


There are three playable characters in this mode, each of them has a special attack that is used with the “Function 1” button, and a Distortion Drive, which is used with the “Function 2” button. Both of the attacks are performed if the conditions are met. Every character has three life points, and the Heat Gauge that is divided into two sections: one section is used for a special attack, both are used for a Distortion Drive.

  • Ragna the Bloodedge
    • Special attack: Dead Spike (デッドスパイク Deddo Supaiku). By answering correctly, Ragna will recover one life point.
    • Distortion Drive: Carnage Scissors (カーネージシザー Kānēji Shizā). By answering correctly, Ragna will recover one life point and remove two life points of his enemy.
  • Noel Vermillion
    • Special attack: Evasion (回避 Kaihi). By answering incorrectly, Noel will not receive any damage.
    • Distortion Drive: Zero-gun: Fenrir (零銃・フェンリル Reijū: Fenriru). The “Evasion” state remains until Noel answers incorrectly.
  • Tsubaki Yayoi
    • Special attack: Sanctus Aequum (審技・閃ク壱ノ撃 Shingi: Hirameku Ichi no Geki). Removes two incorrect answers from the list.
    • Distortion Drive: Confutatis Maledictis (審罰・天ヲ刈ル焔 Shinbatsu: Ten wo Karu Homura). Removes all incorrect answers from the list. Adds five more seconds to the timers of next three questions.


Story Quiz[]

The Story Quiz (ストーリーモード Sutōrī Mōdo, Story Mode) tells a simple story in pre-battle dialogues, like in Arcade Mode. Ragna, Noel and Tsubaki wanted to eat barbecue, but Ragna’s “Blue Barbecue Set” (蒼のBBQセット Ao no Bābekyū Setto) went missing, so each of the characters sets on a journey to find it, eventually retrieving it from Hazama. The player has to beat ten enemies, the boss character, Hazama, has five life points. After beating the Story Quiz with a character, the player will see their ending illustration.

Survival Quiz[]

The Survival Quiz (サバイバルモード Sabaibaru Mōdo, Survival Mode) consists of four levels, each of them has a different number of opponents. Level 1 has ten opponents, Level 2 has twenty opponents, Level 3 has fifty opponents, and Level 4 has hundred opponents. The difficulty of the quiz is also adjusted according to the level.


BBQ Mode allows the player to unlock alternate announcer voices by playing through it. Completing Ragna’s story unlocks Makoto Nanaya’s announcer voice, while Noel and Tsubaki unlock their respective announcers. Level 1 of Survival Quiz unlocks Litchi Faye Ling’s announcer, Level 2 unlocks Platinum the Trinity, Level 3 unlocks Rachel Alucard, and Level 4 unlocks Kokonoe.

Beating BlazBlue Quiz Mode with a character also unlocks their narrator options.



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