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BlazBlue Original Setting Material Collection: “Genesis of the Blue Blaze” (BLAZBLUE オリジナル 設定資料集 『蒼炎創世』 BureiBurū Orijinaru Settei Shiryōshū “Sōen Sōsei”) is a 44-page artbook that was sold on Comic Market 80. It mostly contains concept artworks.


Song of the Beginning of the End[]

Main article: Owari no Hajimari no Uta

Scrapped titles and logos[]

Since it was established that the point of the story is the Blue, the color, it was decided that the game’s title should have the word “blue” in it.

The initial title was The Blue Blood, which later turned into Blue Bloods. It became Blue Blood eventually, and there was a variation named Vergatorion: The Blue Blood. The next version was called Riot: The Blue Blood, then it was turned into RiotBlue. One of the latest versions was RiotBlue: Calamity Trigger, but then a designer suggested to use the word “blaze”, which, combined with “blue”, resulted in BlazBlue.

Scrapped characters[]

Genesis of the Blue Blaze contains information about the characters that were designed for Blue Blood, and some characters have their Blue Bloods predecessors among their concept arts.

  • Sheena Marco (シーナ・マルコ Shīna Maruko) – woman with gray hair tied in a ponytail, and scars on her abdomen. A demi-human capable of transforming, like Valkenhayn R. Hellsing.
  • Prototype 17 (プロトタイプ17 Purototaipu 17) – blue-skinned humanoid.
  • Yūjō (酉条) – red-haired man with cross shaped scar on his face. Yūki Terumi’s predecessor, he was scrapped because his asymmetric design does not go well with a game that flips sprites.
  • Unnamed – Chinese woman, Litchi Faye Ling’s predecessor.
  • Black Joker (ブラック ジョーカー Burakku Jōkā) – a pirate character inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Unnamed – black-skinned man with a katana, was meant to be a “very cool” character.
  • Leo Blackpalm – dark-haired man with an eyepatch over his right eye, Ragna the Bloodedge’s predecessor. Mori borrowed Sin Kiske’s design from Guilty Gear 2: Overture for this character.
  • Roy Lampert – blond-haired man, Jin Kisaragi’s predecessor. Inspired by Star Wars, Roy was supposed to fight with two beam sabers.
  • Mask of “K” – blond-haired man with mustache and a tiny red mask, TR-0009 Tager’s predecessor.