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BlazBlue: Remix Heart is a manga drawn by Sumeragi, a well known dōjinshi artist, and authored by Deko Akao, one of the writers for the games, following a story drafted by Toshimichi Mori. It is published by Fujimi Shobo and serialized in the digital-only magazine Age Premium. The manga focuses on life at the Military Academy, and follows Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Mai Natsume. Jin Kisaragi and Kajun Faycott also appear throughout the manga.


The 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune is best known as the Military Academy for the World Void Information Control Organization. There, future librarians train and hone their skills for whatever challenges may await them outside. The story centers around Mai Natsume, a girl who had just arrived late due to a week absence, but there seems to be several phenomena centering around her that could be more than just coincidence.


# English Translated Title Original Japanese Title
Volume 1
01 Mai Alights マイちゃん舞い降りる
Mai-chan maioriru
02 Torifune Festival トリフネ祭
03 The Case of the Watermelon from Navel へそからスイカ事件
Heso kara Suika Jiken
04 The Case of the Cleaning of the Instructor’s Dorm 教官寮大掃除事件
Kyoukan-ryou Daisouji Jiken
05 The Military Academy Athletics Festival Part 1 士官学校体育祭・前編
Shikan Gakkou Taiiku-sai Zenpen
06 The Military Academy Athletics Festival Part 2 士官学校体育祭・後編
Shikan Gakkou Taiiku-sai Kouhen
Volume 2
07 The Case of the Golden Angel? 金のエンジェル事件?
Kin no Enjeru Jiken?
08 The Case of “What if this dream I’m dreaming is not a dream!?” 夢みれば夢も夢じゃない!? 事件
Yumemireba Yume mo Yume janai!? Jiken
09 The Case of “There, when you come out of the tunnel… Where is here!? Who am I?” トンネルを抜けるとそこは… ここはどこ!? あたしは誰だ? 事件
Tonneru wo nukeru to soko wa… Koko wa Doko!? Atashi wa Dare da? Jiken
10 The Case of “The Blue Grimoire that grants my wish is right over there!” Part 1 願いを叶える蒼の魔道書はすぐそこだ! 事件・前編
Negai wo Kaneru Ao no Madoushou wa sugu soko da! Jiken Zenpen
11 The Case of “The Blue Grimoire that grants my Wish is right over there!” Part 2 願いを叶える蒼の魔道書はすぐそこだ! 事件・後編
Negai wo Kaneru Ao no Madoushou wa sugu soko da! Jiken Kouhen
12 After the Kiss… キスの後には
Kisu no Ato ni wa
Volume 3
13 The Outbreak of the Case of Ascending by the Hand of God! 神の手により昇天する事件発生!
Kami no Te ni yori Shouten suru Jiken Hassei!
14 The Case of “I’ll Make An Invigorating Meal”! 元気の出るご飯を作ってあげよう事件!
Genki no Deru Gohan wo Sakutte ageyou Jiken!
15 The Facts behind the Case of Kisaragi-senpai Going Berserk! キサラギ先輩大暴走事件顛末!
Kisaragi-senpai Daibousou Jiken Tenmatsu!
16 The Case of “Don’t Lay A Hand On My Precious Friends”! 私の大事な友達に手を出すな事件!
Watashi no Daiji na Tomodachi ni Te wo Dasuna Jiken!
17 The Case of “A Pool Appears Before My Eyes → Go in Swimsuits!”! 目の前にプール出現→水着でGO!事件!
Me no mae ni puuru shutsugen → Mizugi de GO! Jiken!
18 The Case of “You say that it goes without saying that this is Love?” Part 1! これを恋と言わずになんと言うの? 事件・前編!
Kore wo Koi to iwazu ni nanto iu no? Jiken Zenpen!
19 The Case of “You say that it goes without saying that this is Love?” Part 2! これを恋と言わずになんと言うの? 事件・後編!
Kore wo Koi to iwazu ni nanto iu no? Jiken Kouhen!
Volume 4
20 「本当の自分」がなくなったらどうなるの?事件!
「Hontou no Jibun」 ga nakunattara dou naru no? Jiken!
21 毒には毒をもって制すればいいじゃない事件・先編!
Doku ni wa Doku wo motte Seisureba ii janai Jiken Zenpen!
22 毒には毒をもって刺すればいいじゃない事件・後編!
Doku ni wa Doku wo motte Seisureba ii janai Jiken Kouhen!
23 私は私以外の何者でもありません!事件!
Watashi wa Watashi Igai no Nanimono demo arimasen! Jiken!
24 I’m Not Alone 一人じゃない
Hitori janai
Epilogue Dear my father Dear my father

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  • In their original serialization in Age Premium, chapters 1 and 8 did not have titles. Since chapter 12, chapter titles have been a feature exclusive to the graphic novel releases.
  • Volumes 1 and 2 both contained 6 chapters, Volume 3 is the first to contain 7 chapters.
  • Chapter 19 was referred to as “Chapter 18.5” in serialization (technically “Chapter 18 Latter Half” in original Japanese). It was renumbered to 19 with the release of volume 3.
  • Chapter 23 was mistakenly numbered as Chapter 22 in its original Age Premium serialization. This typo was corrected in the Nico Nico Age Premium release.
  • Most chapters end with the word jiken (事件), meaning “case” or “incident”, or some variation. This is reference the full name of Remix Heart team, “Detective Team of Pretty Girls: Remix Heart” (美少女探偵団リミックスハート Bishōjo Tantei-dan Rimikkusu Hāto), as christened by Kajun. The stories are basically being referred to as detective cases.


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