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BlazBlue: Phase Shift 3 (ブレイブルーフェーズシフト3 BureiBurū: Fēzu Shifuto Surī) is a light-novel that was released on May 20, 2012. It was written by Mako Komao and Katō Yūki.



Arch-Enemy: Takemikazuchi. It appears all of a sudden during the decisive battle between mankind and the Black Beast. With one blow, it overturns the battle situation. Nine, rejecting the powerful weapon, deepens her conflict with the other Ten Sages. Furthermore, she is restrained from participating in the battle.

During the intensifying chaos and hopeless situation, Celica reunites with 'that person' once more. That meeting leads to a new fateful Phase Shift, and yet…

'The Great Dark War'. The biggest mystery in the popular fighting game BlazBlue. The heroes are advancing to the final battle. Their thoughts and bonds are weaving a tale of truth, a tale that will be recited here!


The novel is 232 pages long and contains a prologue, five chapters and an epilogue.

  • Prologue (プロローグ Purorōgu)
  • Chapter 1: Clear Sky Battlefield (第一章 晴天戦跡 Dai-Isshō: Seiten Senseki)
  • Chapter 2: Flowing Ash Turbidity (第二章 灰流濁動 Dai-Nishō: Hairyū Nigo Dō)
  • Chapter 3: Red Pupil Catgirl (第三章 赤瞳猫娘 Dai-Sanshō: Aka Hitomi Nekomusume)
  • Chapter 4: Silver Light Illusion (第四章 銀光幻想 Dai-Yonshō: Ginhikari Gensō)
  • Chapter 5: Green Hill Desire (第五章 緑丘望絶 Dai-Goshō: Midorigaoka Nozomizetsu)
  • Epilogue (エピローグ Epirōgu)



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