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“…Irregularity: none. Resuming combat action.”

Lambda-11, the girl who assaulted Ragna the “Grim Reaper”. He meets with the “Prime Field” girl, but she invites Ragna to an even harsher battle. Meanwhile, Noel was hurrying to meet her best friend Makoto Nanaya. But before her, her other best friend Tsubaki Yayoi appears. Toward Noel who is glad with the meeting, Tsubaki——.

Continuum Shift. It is all the possibilities of the world. The result of many destinies and infinitely equal endings is waiting for Ragna and the others. Now, the decisive battle that shakes the world begins!!


The novel is 343 pages long and is divided into five chapters and an epilogue.

  • Chapter 1: Code number — The 7th Agency (第一章 Code number — 第七機関 Dai-Isshō: Code number — Dai-Nana Kikan)
  • Chapter 2: The despair — The Truth (第二章 The despair — 真実 Dai-Nishō: The despair — Shinjitsu)
  • Chapter 3: Continuum shift — The Probabilistic Events (第三章 Continuum shift — 確率事象 Dai-Sanshō: Continuum shift — Kakuritsu Jishō)
  • Chapter 4: Material girl — The Murakumo (第四章 Material girl — ムラクモ Dai-Yonshō: Material girl — Murakumo)
  • Chapter 5: Call name — As a Person to the Very End (第五章 Call name — 最後まで人として Dai-Goshō: Call name — Saigomade Hitotoshite)
  • Epilogue (エピローグ Epirōgu)



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