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After the intervention of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Noel Vermillion, the loops that appear to last forever came to an end. However, when a warrior from Sector Sever named Tager encounters a 'prime field' in the ruins of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido, fate changes to a new phase.

On the other hand, after he went through a struggle to death with Nu, the 'Grim Reaper' Ragna the Bloodedge sees the image of his sister on a Control Organization girl named Noel. However, a shadow aiming for them is inviting Ragna to a new battle——. A new continuum shift of the super popular fighting game BlazBlue begins!


The novel is 274 pages long and is divided into a prologue, five chapters and an epilogue.

  • Prologue (プロローグ Purorōgu)
  • Chapter 1: Wheel turns — A New Gear (第一章 Wheel turns — 新たな歯車 Dai-Isshō: Wheel turns — Aratana Haguruma)
  • Chapter 2: Recollection Dream — The Children Are Dreaming (第二章 Recollection Dream — 子らは夢見る Dai-Nishō: Recollection Dream — Kora wa Yume Miru)
  • Chapter 3: Fragile balance — The Power of Order (第三章 Fragile balance — 秩序の力 Dai-Sanshō: Fragile balance — Chitsujo no Chikara)
  • Chapter 4: Sister’s illusion — The Vestiges (第四章 Sister’s illusion — 面影 Dai-Yonshō: Sister’s illusion — Omokage)
  • Chapter 5: Dead once — The Event Interference (第五章 Dead once — 事象干渉 Dai-Goshō: Dead once — Jishō Kanshō)
  • Epilogue (エピローグ Epirōgu)



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