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Awards which can be received during gameplay of BlazBlue: Clonephantasma.

Name Description
So THEY Did It! Cleared Story Mode
More Victims Cleared Story Mode (5 Characters)
Only One Winner Cleared Story Mode (All Characters)
No Continue Clear Cleared Story Mode (No Continues)
No Miss Clear Cleared Story Mode (Full Lives)
??? Play a total of five hours.
Trust In Yourself Cleared a Stage Using Drive Attacks Only
Up for a Challenge Played Challenge Mode with All Characters
Good Start! Beat 50 Enemies (Challenge Mode)
Keep It Up! Beat 100 Enemies (Challenge Mode)
Almost There! Beat 300 Enemies (Challenge Mode)
Defy the Limits! Beat 500 Enemies (Challenge Mode)
3 Birds, One Stone Beat 3 Enemies At Once
First Home Run Blasted Away an Enemy
Home Run King Blasted Away 100 Enemies
First KO Stunned an Enemy
KO Veteran Stunned 100 Enemies
Treasure Hunter Equipped 100 Items
??? Use all items in one match (Challenge Mode)
Perfect Clear Unlocked All Awards