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BlazBlue: Clonephantasma (ぶれいぶるー·くろーんふぁんたずま BureiBurū: Kurōnfantazuma) is the sequel of BlazBlue: Battle × Battle. It was released on December 26, 2012 as a DSiware download in Japan. It was then released in North America on August 21, 2014 as a downloadable game on the Nintendo 3DS.

Due to the Nintendo 3DS eShop discontinuing in late March 2023, this game and Blazblue: Battle x Battle will be unavailable, meaning there's no other way to play it, unless they can redownload the game if they purchased it before.

Playable characters[]

  • Ragna the Bloodedge
    • Soul Eater
    • The most wanted man in history, and owner of the BlazBlue.
  • Jin Kisaragi
    • Frost Bite
    • Control Organization major, ever on the trail of his elder brother Ragna.
  • Noel Vermillion
    • Chain Revolver
    • The heroine, who was rescued from Hazama by Ragna.
  • Rachel Alucard
    • Silpheed
    • Head of the Alucard vampire family. Joined by her familiars Nago and Gii.
  • Taokaka
    • Dancing Edge
    • Kaka tribe girl who traveled with Ragna. Good at dash attacks.
  • Bang Shishigami
    • Burning Heart
    • Ninja-Vigilante Bang Shishigami, defender of love and justice.
  • Hazama
    • Ouroboros
    • Control Organization Intel Dept. Captain. Creator of the Blue Grimoire.
  • Makoto Nanaya
    • Impact
    • Control Organization Intel Officer. Agile squirrel demi-human, best at close combat.
  • Platinum the Trinity
    • Magical Symphony
    • Girl possessed by the souls of head-strong Luna and gentle Sena.
  • Izayoi
    • Scarlet Justice
    • Tsubaki’s true form, after awakening the Weaving Zero: Izayoi.


  • Story Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Gallery Mode

3DS eShop Description[]

Cute versions of BlazBlue characters fight against hordes of enemies in this action battle game.

With just one button press, the characters show off a variety of impressive and cute moves.

The rules are simple: just knock a certain number of enemies off the stage!
Utilize each of the characters' unique abilities to blast them away!

There are two main game modes.
In Story Mode, you play through each of the character's different stories, as they find themselves caught up in an unfolding mystery. Solve the mystery of the Clones!
In Challenge Mode, you attempt to knock as many of the oncoming enemies off of the stage as possible. Master a character, and try to beat your personal best!

Get ready for some fast-paced battle action as you blast away droves of enemies at once!