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Health Double Jumps/Airdashes Dash Type
11,500 1 Double Jump, 2 Airdashes Run
Overdrive Duration (in frames)
100 – 90% 89 – 80% 79 – 70% 69 – 60% 59 – 50% 49 – 40% 39 – 30% 29 – 20% 19 – 10% 9 – 0%
120 120 180 240 240 300 460 460 600 600

Bang Shishigami unlike most “speedster/ninja”-type characters, has both the modest amount of HP and moderate damage on his moves to subvert his archetype, making sure he can at least make a few more mistakes than others and allowing him to output solid damage in combos. Furthermore, many of his attacks tend to work as great pokes which give him solid control in the neutral, along with having the stereotypical ninja-esque mobility tools such as double air dashes and other moves such as a float that save his air options (as of Chronophantasma).

On top of having decent mixups (such as his 5C being one of the few non-command normals to be an overhead, along with a low in the form of 6A and another overhead with 6B) and even a cross-up tool in the form of j.4B, he also possesses the most jump-cancelable moves in the game, both on hit and on block to add more to his mobility gimmicks. Much of Bang's basic-bread-and-butters also possess great corner carry potential when converted into full combos, and to further his mixup game, he even possesses solid tick throws (counting a grounded and midair command throw).

His nails are also a viable tool in controlling the match, though they need to be used very wisely in terms of usage as only 12 can be used per round, giving him a limited keep away game. He can also set up bumpers to use as vantage points to boost around the arena to control the match in his favor if he ever needs to be defensive. His Drive, Burning Heart (バーニングハート Bāningu Hāto), is a two-part move: Bang first defends with his gauntlet, which has autoguard/guard point properties. He then attacks with a fiery punch (or kick), which will add one seal to his FRKZ count on hit. When all four seals have been obtained, Bang can activate his Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan super. Bang’s Drives will still function as normal once he has obtained all four seals, although he derives no special benefit for doing so.

Regardless, his weaknesses lie in the fact that he barely has any-viable anti-airs (his 6C comes out too slow and his 5D and 2D also are hampered by slow startup) with no meterless reversals or any head-level-invulnerability attacks. His combos are also rather execution heavy while also lacking further damage potential without meter to expend if landed midscreen, and his Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan mode + bumper dashes can cause control issues due to mobility increases. Added with his rather committal attacks, some of his blockstring pressure can be quite easy to reverse out of if one isn't creative enough with it due to how linear some of his actual mixup routes tend to be.

He is also probably the most changed character in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. While he retains the same emphasis on rushdown and mobility, he now actually has the tools to maintain this rushdown effectively. His moves are safer and have more priority across the board, his combos hit harder and set up for better okizeme, and he is able to acquire all the seals needed for his Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan super almost immediately if necessary. In a complete tier reversal, Bang has moved from bottom tier in Calamity Trigger to top tier in Continuum Shift, and is much more accessible to beginner players all around.

In BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Bang received many significant nerfs to go with the new system. His wallbounce combos are gone, and much of the priorities on many of his moves were horrifically reduced. In addition, Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan received several nerfs, including a reduced range on his backdash, and significant combo reworking. Bang must now rely heavily on nails and bumpers, as well as getting seals in order to be effective in battle.

As of Extend, Bang was buffed once again. Now he has become a perfect balance of his BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift selves. His 5A gained its priority back, and his overall damage has been buffed to somewhere in the middle of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and II values. Thanks to these, Bang is now a decent character once again.

In BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Bang has once again received significant changes to go with the new Overdrive system, while still maintaining a focus on rushdown and mixups. By far his biggest change is that Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan is no longer a Distortion Drive, but now his Overdrive, meaning he can only remain in that state for a limited time. To compensate, he has been given new tools which allow him to function better without the use of Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan. In place of Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan, he now has a brand-new command grab super which requires the four seals to be open. His Steel Rain Distortion Drive is now a special move which uses up half of your current nail count. Finally, he has been given a new move similar to Platinum’s Swallow Moon, which allows him to extend air combos, avoid certain attacks, and keep the opponent guessing. In short, Bang has once again been improved while still maintaining balance.

Command list[]

Basic moves[]

Input Damage Heat gain
A 300 124
BBCS (Bang 5A) Jab.
No longer links into itself as of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.
Much better hitbox and priority, now hits most crouching opponents. Can still be low-profiled.
Input Damage Heat gain
B 640 264
BBCS (Bang 5B) Straight punch.
Good horizontal and vertical range, decent priority. Still whiffs on some crouching.
Attack level increased by one point in CS, now much safer on block.
Input Damage Heat gain
C 860 356
BBCS (Bang 5C) Overhead hammer fist with his leading hand.
Hits overhead.
Forces crouch on hit.
Input Damage Heat gain
2A 300 124
BBCS (Bang 2A) Low open-hand poke.
Hits low.
Recovers much faster than in CT.
Now cancels into itself one additional time, for a total of two hits.
Input Damage Heat gain
2B 620 256
BBCS (Bang 2B) Stepping forward elbow strike.
Much faster than in CT, and works as a very solid in-an-out poke.
Jump-cancelable on block.

Better vertical hitbox.

Input Damage Heat gain
2C 750 310
BBCS (Bang 2C) Sweep kick. Hits low.
Recovers much faster than in CT.

Can now link into 2B.
Knocks down on hit. One of the few 2C attacks in this vein, which makes it a more well-rounded combo tool.

Input Damage Heat gain
6A 540 223
BBCS (Bang 6A) Steps forward for a low standing kick.
Hits low.
Resembles 5C, which allows for some gimmicky mixups.
Input Damage Heat gain
6B 780 332
BBCS (Bang 6B) Overhead front-flip kick with Bang’s hands making a flashy sign.
Hits overhead. Knocks down.
Lower-body invulnerability.
Recovers much faster than in CT.
Input Damage Heat gain
6C 920 380
BBCS (Bang j4C) Launching back-spin kick in a hop.
Launches on hit.
Breaks one guard primer on block.
Now hits all opponents standing as of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.
Does not hit crouching.

Combos into j.D.

Input Damage Heat gain
3C 880 364
BBCS (Bang 3C) Sliding kick.
Moves forward significantly and can low-profile, but can easily be punished it not spaced properly on block.
Knocks down on hit.
Breaks one guard primer on block.
Recovers slightly faster than in CT.
Input Damage Heat gain
A (in the air) 300 124
BBCS (Bang jA) Jumping punch.
Can be repeated for a second attack with the other arm command normal style.
Input Damage Heat gain
B (in the air) 560 231
BBCS (Bang jB) Jumping kick straight ahead.
Good priority and is a solid air-to-air.
Input Damage Heat gain
4B (in the air) 840 347
BBCS (Bang j4B) Kick aimed diagonally behind.
Old j.4C motion from CT.
Crossup attack
Vacuums on hit.
Input Damage Heat gain
C (in the air) 650 269
BBCS (Bang jC) Diagonal kick downwards with leading leg.
Slow startup, but works as a very solid air-to-ground tool.
Knocks down aerial opponents on hit.
Input Damage Heat gain
2C (in the air) 600 248
BBCS (Bang j4C) Midair back-spinning kick.
New air normal add in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.
Resembles 6C.


Input Damage Heat gain
BC 0x2, 1000 0x2, 414
BBCS (Bang GroundThrow) Bang grabs his opponent, disappearing before coming out with a drop kick. This move has changed since CS2, no longer Special Cancelled but instead Air Dash Cancelled.
Input Damage Heat gain
4BC 0x2, 1000 0x2, 414
BBCS (Bang GroundThrow) Bang grabs his opponent, disappearing before coming out with a drop kick from behind the opponent.
Input Damage Heat gain
BC (in the air) 0x2, 1500 0x2, 621
BBCS (Bang AirThrow) Throw.
Teleports into a flying kick, which wallbounces on hit.

Can cancel the throw into an aerial special after the teleport, canceling the kick.
If j.236B is used to cancel the throw in the above fashion, Bang will attempt to throw the nail but fall to the ground before it comes out, allowing him to perform a followup combo on the ground instead.

Counter Assault[]

Input Damage Heat gain
6AB 0 0
BBCS (Bang 5B) Bang knocks the opponent away from him with his 5B. Used to get out of the opponents pressure.

Crush Trigger[]


Input Japanese name English name Damage Heat gain
Any direction/command + D バーニングハート Bāningu Hāto Burning Heart
Gauntlets glow green, then attacks with a body part engulfed in flame.
Autoguards when gauntlets are green, and guard is different depending on which move is used.
Grants one FRKZ seal on hit.
In CP, each command gives a different FRKZ seal on hit, and hitting multiple times with the same command will not give any more.
Input Damage Heat gain
D 680[1000] 281[414]
BBCS (Bang 5D) Forward flaming back-fist punch. Autoguards high, mid, low.
Much faster startup, longer guardpoint, and faster recovery than in CT.
No longer jump-cancelable on block.
Launches on hit.
In CS:EX. it causes float on normal hit and no longer causes wallbound on counter-hit.
In CP, grants the Fu seal of FRKZ.
Input Damage Heat gain
6D 850[1000] 351[414]
BBCS (Bang 6D) Steps forward with a low flaming turn kick. Autoguards mid, low.
Much faster startup and recovery than in CT.
Knocks down on hit.
In CP, grants the Rin seal of FRKZ.
Input Damage Heat gain
2D 920[1000] 380[414]
BBCS (Bang 2D) Crouching flaming uppercut. Autoguards high, mid.
Slightly faster startup and recovery than in CT.
Launches on hit.
If hit repeatedly during this move, the autoguard extends all the way through the end of the attack. Might be a glitch.
Launches higher than in CT.
In CP, grants the Zan seal of FRKZ.
Input Damage Heat gain
D (in the air) 750[1000] 310[414]
BBCS (Bang jD) Downward flaming chop. Autoguards all attacks.
Slightly faster and safer than in CT.
Sends opponent straight down on hit.
Not an overhead.
In CP, grants the Ka seal of FRKZ.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
A/B/C during the autoguard on Burning Heart 秘術・バング瞬間移動の術 Hijutsu: Bangu Shunkan Idō no Jutsu Secret Art: Bang’s Instant Movement Technique Secret Art: Bang’s Shadowstep Jutsu -- --
Teleports through any attack that hits any of his autoguards.
Button pressed determines distance teleported.
Continues the attack from where he left off, tracking the opponent if he crossed them up.
Cannot teleport while autoguarding rapidly-hitting moves, such as Lambda’s multi-hit normals.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
A/B/C during the autoguard on midair version Burning Heart 秘術・疾風バング瞬間移動の術 Hijutsu: Shippū Bangu Shunkan Idō no Jutsu Secret Art: Gale Bang’s Instant Movement Technique Secret Art: Hurricane Bang’s Shadowstep Jutsu -- --
Same as before, only this is a midair version. Newly added in Chronophantasma.


Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
獅子神忍法・究極奥義「萬駆風林火山」改 Shishigami Ninpō Kyūkyoku Ōgi: “Bangu Fūrinkazan” Kai Shishigami Ninja Art – Ultimate Secret: “Bang’s Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain” Revision Shishigami-Style Forbidden Technique: Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan -- --
BBCS (Bang FRKZ) While in FRKZ state, movement changed to an 8-way dash. Can cancel almost all normals with this dash.
While in FRKZ state, cannot block normally. Can still barrier block.
Certain moves change properties, i.e. j.B has longer untech time.
Background music replaced by Bang’s unique theme song.
Can no longer cancel dash with nails. No longer has invulnerability during dash.

Exceed Accel[]

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
(during Overdrive)
獅子神忍法・極奥義・「萬駆繚乱絶華」 Shishigami Ninpō Kyoku Ōgi: Bangu Ryōran Zekka Shishigami Ninja Art – Extreme Secret: “Bang’s Profusion Suppressing Luster” Bang’s Dancing Petal Storm 2000
4000 (Active Flow)
BBCF Bang Bang's Dancing Petal Storm New move in Centralfiction. Bang staggers the opponent then throws lots of nail, kunai knives and shurikens at them finishes by throwing several bombs at them.

Special moves[]

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
623C 真空烈風バング落とし Shinkū Reppū Bangu Otoshi Vacuum Gale Bang’s Drop Bang’s Void Tempest Kick 0x2,600,653,842 0x2,248,270,348
BBCS (Bang VoidTempestKick) Grabs the opponent and launches them into a series of teleports and kicks. Command throw.
Ends with Bang in the air, and the opponent on the ground beneath him.
Can be RC’d at any time during the throw animation.
If RC’d, opponent stays in “throw” state until they tech or are hit again. This allows him to Rapid Cancel a command throw into Daifunka without giving the opponent a chance to burst.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
623C (in the air) 昇天粉砕バング落とし・改 Shōten Funsai Bangu Otoshi: Kai The Ascension Pulverizing Bang’s Drop: Revision Bang’s Void Tempest Kick EX 0,700,785,1000 0,289,324,414
BBCS (Bang VoidTempestKickEX) Aerial version of j.623C. Aerial command throw.
Starts up faster than ground version.
Ends with Bang on the ground to punch-launch the opponent upward from below.
Useful for setting up tech traps.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
623B バング双掌打・金剛戟 Bangu Sōshōda: Kongō Geki Bang’s Twin Palm Strike: Adamantine Halberd Bang’s Unstoppable Double Palm Thrust 1300 538
BBCS (Bang SuperCrash) Massive double flaming punch that emits flames in the shape of a lion's head. Wallbounces on hit.
Breaks one guard primer on block.
Has significant repeat proration (aerial version also counts) to prevent wallbounce abuse.
Recovers faster than in CT.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
623B (in the air) バング双掌打・天剛戟 Bangu Sōshōda: Tengō Geki Bang’s Twin Palm Strike: Heaven Strong Halberd Bang’s Heavenly Double Palm Thrust 1300 538
BBCS (Bang HeavenlyPhoenix) Aerial version of 623B that instead moves Bang a bit forward and emits flames shaped like a firebird. Wallbounces on hit.
Breaks one guard primer on block.
Has significant repeat proration (ground version counts as well) to prevent wallbounce abuse.
Moves Bang forward.
Slightly faster recovery than in CT, still unsafe.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
(in the air)
バング流手裏剣術 Bangu-Ryū Shuriken-Jutsu Bang-Style Shuriken Technique Bang-Style Shuriken 300 (Ver. A), 300x2 (Ver. B), 300 (Ver. C), 177x3 (Ver. D) 124 (Ver. A), 124x2 (Ver.B), 124 (Ver. C), 73x3 (Ver. D)
BBCS (Bang ShurikenThrow)
BBCS (Bang ANail)
BBCS (Bang BNail)
BBCS (Bang CNail)
BBCS (Bang DNail)
Throws a nail. A, B, and C versions consume one nail, D version consumes 3. Bang starts with 12 nails.
A version poisons on hit (1200 damage over 10 seconds, ends if Bang is hit). Does not cancel momentum. Health continues to drain even when time is “frozen” (i.e. during superflashes).
B version bounces off the ground and explodes. No longer cancels momentum (still has startup) and explodes faster than in CT. Nail disappears if Bang is hit between when the nail bounces off the ground and when it explodes (will not disappear if he is hit before the nail bounces).
C version throws a nail that stuns the opponent in a web on hit. No effect on block. Cancels momentum when performed, long recovery.
D version throws three nails that bounce off the ground. Cancels momentum when performed, fast recovery.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
(Ok in midair)
釘設置 Kugi Secchi Nail Setup Set Nail -- (Ground) (Air) -- (Ground) (Air)
BBCS (Bang NailSet)
BBCS (Bang NailSetDiagram)
Bang places a nail “bumper” into the background of the stage. Different buttons set nails at different distances and heights. A bumer: far front, high. B bumper: close front, low. C bumper: directly above, high. D bumper: close behind, low.
Aerial sets differ slightly from ground sets. Height of bumpers are determined relative to Bang’s height in the air. A bumper = forward front, low. B bumper = close front, low. C bumper = directly overhead, low. D bumper = close behind, high.
All bumpers remain set for the rest of the round unless reset.
Setting a bumper with the same button as a previously set bumper will replace the old bumper, causing it to disappear and consuming another nail. Aerial and grounded bumpers are treated as the same button.
All bumpers consume one nail each.
When Bang is on top of a bumper while airborne, he can tap any directional button to perform a high-speed “FRKZ dash” in that direction. Bang cannot bounce off the same bumper twice in one jump.
Good for setting up mixups and pressure strings, but one must be mindful of proper positioning.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
22A 裂空ムササビの術 Rekkū Masasabi no Jutsu Rending Air Flying Squirrel Technique Tempest Flying Squirrel Jutsu 0
New move in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma. Deploys the cape he floats with in some of his battle intros (where he attaches the corners to his limbs). Can only be used if none of his air options (air dashes and double jump) have not been used yet. This makes Bang’s hurtbox transparent making him fly through the opponent, and is often a new key to some of his air combo routes.

Distortion Drives[]

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
23663214C 獅子神忍法・超奥義・「萬駆活殺大噴火」 Shishigami Ninpō Chō Ōgi: Bangu Kassatsu Dai Funka Shishigami Ninja Art – Super Secret: “Bang’s Life-or-Death Great Eruption” Shishigami-Style Secret Technique: Fatal Eruption 0,910x4,0,3373 (0,209x4,0,858)
(BBCS Bang Daifunka) Dashes forward, then upon connecting, he pummels the opponent with a sequence of attacks ending in a launch and a heel drop, then grabs their face while running and smashes them into the wall. Large amount of invulnerability on startup.
Breaks one primer on hit.
Automatically carries opponent to far wall.
Longer untech time than in CT.
Breaks one guard primer on block.
Chronophantasma: When in Overdrive, Bang’s kick launches the opponent in the air. He then teleports and attacks 3 more times before ramming the opponent into the opposite wall from where the attack was going towards.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
CP: 41236A
獅子神忍法・絶奥義・「萬駆嵐禍陣」 Shishigami Ninpō Zetsu Ōgi: Bangu Arashi Wazawai Jin Shishigami Ninja Art – Suppressing Secret: “Bang’s Tempest Calamity Array” Shishigami-Style Ultimate Technique: Steel Rain 220xN (50xN)
BBCS (Bang SteelRain)
BBCS (Bang Umbrella)
Throws an umbrella, which rains down nails. Consumes all nails. The more nails consumed, the longer the umbrella lasts. Can be done even with no nails.
Umbrella tracks the opponent when coming out (better than in CT).
Wider hitbox than in CT.
No longer disappears if Bang is hit.
Nails are not a guaranteed combo; may break depending on size of opponent and position relative to umbrella.
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma: Command is now 41236A and is no longer a Distortion Drive. Uses up 4 nails per use.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
236236A 獅子神忍法・爆裂奥義「萬駆阿修羅無双拳」 Shishigami Ninpō Bakuretsu Ōgi: Bangu Ashura Musōken Shishigami Ninja Art – Exploding Secret: “Bang’s Asura Unmatched Fist” Shishigami-Style Technique: Bang’s Infinite Chaos-Fist of the Void 0,3126 (0,718)
BBCS (Bang Ashura) Pillar of flame, followed by a dual dive by two Bang clones if it connects. New move in CS.
Extremely fast invulnerable startup.
Safe on block, extremely fast recovery makes it very safe on whiff as well unless opponent is very close.
Short horizontal range, good vertical range.
Cannot combo after, has very slight frame disadvantage on hit (both players recovery at approximately the same time), but good for resets.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
236236D 獅子神忍法・激奥義「激萬駆疾風撃」 Shishigami Ninpō Geki Ōgi: Geki Bangu Shippūgeki Shishigami Ninja Art – Raging Secret: “Raging Bang’s Hurricane Strike” Shishigami-Style Secret Technique: Hurricane Fury
New DD in Chronophantasma. Bang grabs his foe from behind after warping behind them, then instantly knees them to the wall. He then chases them several times by dashing through them from wall-to-wall via a variety of attacks, then ends the combo by impaling his foe in midair above him with his nail. The Overdrive version has him following up the impale with tossing his nail from above down onto the opponent to nail them to the ground, then landing on them with a punch to hammer the nail into them.
A good move for surprise attacks via punishing the opponent, but most of the time the initial frames give enough time for one to escape with a jump to avoid the attack.

Astral Heat[]

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
6321463214D (in the air) 獅子神忍法・熱血最終奥義・「究極萬駆」 Shishigami Ninpō Nekketsu Saishū Ōgi: Kyūkyoku Bangu Shishigami Ninja Art – Hot-Blooded Final Secret: “The Ultimate Bang” Shishigami-Style Forbidden Technique: The Ultimate Bang Death 0
BBCS (Bang TheUltimateBang)
BBCS (Bang AstralAnimation)
BBCS (Bang AstralFinishPose)
Bang stabs the nail into the opponent, then finishes them off with a manly giant punch with a brutal explosion. No longer has height limitation.
Full-body guardpoint. Whiffs on most crouching characters if it’s TK’d, but some of them can be hit out of hitstun/blockstun. Depending of their hitbox behavior, it may also hit Hazama/Arakune or not.
Since BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Bang’s clothes now burn off upon successfully landing this move.

Can teleport off the guard-point, making it useful against projectile characters as another option.


Command list
Ragna the Bloodedge · Jin Kisaragi · Noel Vermillion · Rachel Alucard · Taokaka · Iron Tager · Litchi Faye Ling · Arakune · Bang Shishigami · Carl Clover · Hakumen · ν-No.13- · Tsubaki Yayoi · Hazama · μ-No.12- · Makoto Nanaya · Valkenhayn R. Hellsing · Platinum the Trinity · Relius Clover · Izayoi · Amane Nishiki · Bullet · Azrael · Kagura Mutsuki · Kokonoe · Yūki Terumi · Celica A. Mercury · Λ-No.11- · Hibiki Kohaku · Naoto Kurogane · Nine the Phantom · Izanami · Es · Mai Natsume · Susanoo · Jūbei