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Black Onslaught

Ragna, using his Astral Heat, "Black Onslaught", on Terumi.

Astral Heat (アストラルヒート Asutoraru Hīto) is a finishing attack in the BlazBlue series which can be performed on the "match point", with the victim being within a low HP threshold.

The conditions when an Astral Heat can be used are as follows:

  • Heat Gauge must be at 100%.
  • Opponent’s health points must be below 35%. — in Calamity Trigger, it’s below 20%.
  • It is the "match point". (in other words, you must be one round away from victory)
  • One Burst Icon is required. — Continuum Shift only
    • If a combo is started within the victim being within HP threshold, then it's possible to build up to 100% Heat if below that amount to combo into an Astral Heat.
    • However, you combo into the health threshold above 35/20% health, then the Astral Heat cannot be performed mid-combo regardless if all other conditions are met (victim must tech/return to neutral first).

Since Continuum Shift, when the character’s portrait in the HUD is shining, it is the signal that indicates the Astral Heat can be used.

In Cross Tag Battle, when both teams have one character left, it requires activation of Level 4 Resonance Blaze and 9 bars on the Skill Gauge.

As of the console version of Continuum Shift, by successfully beginning an Astral Heat, the game’s theme song’s chorus can be heard.

Arcade song Console song Game
None "Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo" BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
"Shinsō" BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
"CHRONOPHANTASMA" "Blue sanction" BlazBlue: Chronophantasma
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Ver. 2.0 (arcade only)
"BLUE desire" BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend
"TRUE-BLUE" BlazBlue: Centralfiction
BlazBlue: "Crossing Fate"
Persona 4 Arena: "The Fog"
Adachi: "Time to Make History"
Under Night In-Birth: "Unknown Actor"
RWBY: "This Will Be The Day"
Heart: "Arcana Heart 3 Opening Theme"
Yumi: "Grandfather's Wish"
Akatsuki Blitzkampf: "War End"
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Astral Heat list[]

This page lists only Astral Heats and their inputs from the latest installment. Descriptions and possible changes between installments are noted in command lists.
Input Name Character
21441236C Black Onslaught (ブラックオンスロート Burakku Onsurōto) Ragna the Bloodedge
Hold 2, then 8D Purgatory Ice Night (煉獄氷夜 Rengoku Hyōya) Jin Kisaragi
236236C Valkyrie Veil (ヴァルキリーベイル Varukirī Beiru) Noel Vermillion
23663214C Clownish Calendula (クラウニッシュ・カレンデュラ Kuraunisshu Karendyura) Rachel Alucard
Hold 4, 128D Attack Nyamber One (あたっくにゃんばーわん Attaku Nyanbā Wan) Taokaka
King of Tager (キングオブテイガー Kingu obu Teigā) Iron Tager
(after Ready Hand: Pair Wait)
Pure Nine Gates (九蓮宝燈 Chū Ren Pōtō) Litchi Faye Ling
(midair also)
n infinity (n無限大 n mugendai) Arakune
(midair only)
Shishigami Ninja Art – Hot-Blooded Final Secret: “The Ultimate Bang” (獅子神忍法・熱血最終奥義・「究極萬駆」 Shishigami Ninpō – Nekketsu Saishū Ōgi: “Kyūkyō Bangu”) Bang Shishigami
64641236D Deus Ex Machina (デウスエクスマキナ Deusu Ekusu Makina) Carl Clover
Hold 2, then 8D Void Formation Secret: Perish Evil (虚空陣奥義 悪滅 Kokūjin Ōgi: Akumetsu) Hakumen
214214D Sword of Destruction (滅びの剣 Horobi no Tsurugi) ν-No.13-
632146C Holy Judgment: Goddess That Judges Men (審聖・人ヲ裁ク神 Shinsei: Hito wo Sabaku Kami) Tsubaki Yayoi
1632143D Dark Burning of Thousand Souls (千魂冥烙 Senkon Meiraku) Hazama
222D God Slaying Sword (カミゴロシノツルギ Kamigoroshi no Tsurugi) μ-No.12-
23663214D Planet Crusher (プラネットクラッシャー Puranetto Kurasshā) Makoto Nanaya
214214C Blut Vollmond (ブルート・フォルモント Burūto Forumonto) Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
(midair also)
Shining Layered Force (シャイニングレイアードフォース Shainingu Reiādo Fōsu) Platinum the Trinity
214214D Altar of the Puppet (アルター・オブ・ジ・パペット Arutā obu ji Papetto) Relius Clover
632146C Judge of Destiny (ジャッジオブディスティニー Jajji obu Disutinī) Izayoi
222D Youth Giving Life Flower: “Karma Tearing Embrace” (若得命華『業破抱擁』 Jakutoku Meika “Gōhahōyō”) Amane Nishiki
632146D Hard Kill Bringer (ハードキルブリンガー Hādo Kiru Buringā) Bullet
632146C Patriot Apocalypse (パトリオットアポカリプス Patoriotto Apokaripusu) Azrael
236236C Black Dragon’s Soaring Thunder Blade (黒龍天翔雷刃 Kokuryū Tenshōraijin) Kagura Mutsuki
360360D Armament No. 99: “The Ultimate Impact Final Apocalypse” (武装No99「最終決戦破壊事象アルティメットインパクト」 Busō No99 “Saishū Kessen Hakai Jishō Arutimetto Inpakuto”) Kokonoe
222D God’s Return: Serpent’s Beheading Violent Hunger Seal (神帰り・大蛇斬頭烈封餓 Kamigaeri: Orochizantō Reppūga) Yūki Terumi
222A Atout Rilettes (アトゥ・リエット Atu Rietto) Celica A. Mercury
222D Heavenly Disappearance: “Wailing Raven” (天晦 「哭鴉」 Amatsugomori: Nakigarasu) Hibiki Kohaku
21441236C Edge of Eternity (エッジ ・ オブ ・ エタニティ Ejji obu Etaniti) Naoto Kurogane
236236D Endless Sky of the Colorless Descent -Colorless Void- (降臨せし無色の終天無極 -カラーレスヴォイド- Kōrinseshi Mushoku no Shūten Mukyoku -Karāresu Voido-) Nine the Phantom
1632143D Eternal Darkness (常世の闇 Tokoyo no Yami) Izanami
236236C Type: Exterminator – “Artorius” (Type:Exterminator(タイプ:エクスターミネーター)「アルトリウス」 Taipu: Ekusutāminētā “Arutoriusu”) Es
222D Red Confront: “Scarlet Lotus of the Pale New Moon” (朱臨「緋蓮蒼朔耶」Sharin “Hirensō Sakuya”) Mai Natsume
21441236C Roar of the Mad King: The Serpent Annihilation (狂王ノ咆哮・大蛇滅殺 Kyoō no Hōkō: Orochi Messatsu) Susanoo
6321463214C Asura: Flying Lightning Phoenix (阿修羅 鳳雷武煉翔 Ashura: Hōrai Burenshō) Jūbei


  • In the arcade version of Calamity Trigger, only three characters – Ragna the Bloodedge, Rachel Alucard and Nu-13 – can use an Astral Heat. In the console versions, other Astrals can be unlocked by beating Arcade Mode with specific characters other than the aforementioned three.
  • All Astral Heats despite being deemed as "Instant Kill" attacks, all have their own amount of damage they do that is at least above 25/30% of total HP, just enough to finish off the victim.
  • Canonically, only Ragna the Bloodedge and Jin Kisaragi have used their Astral Heats.
    • Ragna used Black Onslaught against Yuuki Terumi in Central Fiction, and Jin used Rengoku Hyouha (Arctic Dungeon) against Bang Shishigami and TenjoAmanohokosaka during the Ikaruga Civil War, and he used it against Azrael in Central Fiction.