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The Amanohokosaka family (天ノ矛坂家[1]/天乃矛坂家[2] Amanohokosaka ke) are a familial group of sorcerers and conjurers who are descended from the Blue Shrine Maiden. They were charged with defending the Wadatsumi area until they were forced to sell it off to Takamagahara. Once each generation, a daughter of the family inherits the title of Amanohokosaka Shrine Maiden (天ノ矛坂の巫女 Amanohokosaka no Miko).


After the Blue Shrine Maiden had sealed off the Black Beast in the land of Wadatsumi, her family, the Amanohokosaka, defended the land, guarding it so that the Beast would not be resurrected. Over the many generations, the family eventually forgot their duty. 

The Wadatsumi Mass Vanish Incident permanently damaged the family as one of their members died and another had their soul taken. As the only way to live after being humiliated by the Magick Association due to the fact the Amanohokosakas are sorcerers, the family sold the land of Wadatsumi to Takamagahara. The daughter of these two members, Mei Amanohokosaka, would later become the Amanohokosaka Shrine Maiden, and, eventually, the leader of the Amanohokosaka family.

Five years before the events of the Bloodedge Experience seriesSaya Terumi became the newest wielder of the Drive Soul Eater, and slaughtered everyone in the Terumi family so that she could inherit the Eye of the Hunter and become its leader. Before she managed to slay her brother, Naoto Kurogane, Mei stopped her, and had her bound for the next five years until she could no longer manage it. Saya would attempt to hunt down her brother once more since he possesses the Eye of the Hunter.

Many years after the events of the Great Dark WarTenjō Amanohokosaka would become the leader of the World Void Information Control Organization, and would be its Emperor until the coup d'état lead by Hades: Izanami resulted in the Ikaruga Civil War. Tenjō was seemingly murdered by Jin Kisaragi but had her soul sealed within the Arch-Enemy Event WeaponPhoenix Wing: Rettenjō, at the last second. Her disciple Bang Shishigami would protect the Event Weapon and attempt to avenge his master; his other disciple, Kagura Mutsuki, would protect her child, Homura Amanohokosaka, and try to have Homura rightfully inherit his position as the new Emperor. At the end of the events of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Hades: Izanami retired her position as Emperor, handing it over to Homura since she had no further use of the Control Organization.

Because the family are sorcerers, they do use charms, such as the Guarding Positioning System.


Underneath the Amanohokosaka family, there are four other families:

  • Hajō (破城),
  • Kagetatsu (影辰),
  • Hikagami (緋鏡) — because Kiiro Hikagami is an artificially created human, she cannot be part of this family, but for some reason she uses this last name,
  • Terumi (輝弥) — the Eye of the Hunter determines their leader, which is Naoto. Yūki Terumi cannot be a part of this family as it’s not his real name.


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