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Alucard castle (アルカード城 Arukādo-jō) is the castle of the Alucard family.

Described as a realm of endless night, that Rachel Alucard had inherited from her father.[6] It is connected to the every dark night of the world, but also doesn’t belong anywhere in the world, it exists but is also nonexistent, akin to the other side of the moon.[7]

The time in this realm flows approximately four times slower than in the world, as during the week that Jin was lying in a coma within the castle, the Black Beast was ravaging the world for a whole month.[7]

The realm adapts itself to its master, changing its shape and atmosphere.[8] During the rule of Clavis, it was described as an eerie place, with protruding spires, untrimmed and ivy infested garden. While during Rachel’s rule, it was described as a magnificent castle overflowing with elegance and a beautiful garden with roses in full bloom.[9] It was as if the castle and the garden were reflecting the age and the state of its master.[8]

The Halloween (ハロウィン Harowin) and Moonlight Castle versions are almost identical; the moon is white in Halloween, while it is blood-red in Moonlight Castle. Also, the silhouettes on the gravestones to the right are different. These stages are located in the castle’s rose garden. If a character runs through the garden, rose petals will be blown around.

Requiem (レクイエム Rekuiemu) is very different, and appears to depict Moonlight Castle in ruin. The roses become white, and the gravestones are cracked and lack silhouettes. It is unknown what causes this change.



  • Requiem is the only stage to be devoted to a character rivalry. If Ragna and Rachel are selected by the players and the stage is set to “Auto”, the result will always be Requiem.


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