BlazBlue Вики
Картинка Название Описание
Phantoms of Time 刻の幻影
Phantoms of Time
Mastered BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.
This Will Be On The Test 放課後BBタイム!
This Will Be On The Test
【チュートリアル】 チュートリアルモードをクリアした
[Tutorial] Finished the BlazBlue Tutorial.
Whos Got Next 続きはストーリーモードで!
Who's Got Next
【アーケード】 アーケードモードをクリアした
[Arcade] Finished Arcade Mode.
I Think Youve Hit the Ceiling 多分これが一番高得点だと思います
I Think You've Hit the Ceiling
【スコアアタック】 スコア2億以上でクリア
[Score Attack] Finished Score Attack with more than 200,000,000 Points.
Attack on Highlander 進撃のハイランダー
Attack on Highlander
【ハイランダーアサルト】 全てのキャラでクリアした
[Highlander Assault] Defeated the monster with all characters.
BossSlash ボスラッシュ!
【アンリミテッドマーズ】 10人倒した
[Unlimited Mars] Defeated 10 foes.
Practice Victory Friendship 努力→勝利→友情!
Practice, Victory, Friendship!
【トレーニング】 連続で30分以上特訓
[Training] Trained for over 30 minutes consecutively.
Combo List コンボリスト
Combo List
【チャレンジ】 チャレンジ500問クリアした
[Challenge] Executed over 500 challenges.
Ikaruga Tour Guide たんけんイカルガのまち
Ikaruga Tour Guide
【アビス】 5つのダンジョンをクリアした
[Abyss] Finished 5 dungeons.
To Be Continued (CP) To Be Continued
To Be Continued...
【ストーリー】 エピソード1をクリアした
[Story] Watched episode 1.
And the Story Goes On そして続編へ…
And the Story Goes On...
【ストーリー】 全てのエピソードをクリアした
[Story] Watched all episodes.
P Cant Buy Everything P$で買えない価値がある
P$ Can't Buy Everything
【ギャラリー】 ギャラリーの開放50%達成
[Gallery] Unlocked 50% of the Gallery.
Please Turn Off Your Cell Phones 動画を見るときは部屋を明るくして離れて見てね
Please Turn Off Your Cell Phones
【リプレイシアター】 リプレイを鑑賞した
[Replay Theater] Watched the first Replay.
Talk of the Town 女子力アップ☆
Talk of the Town
【ネットワーク】 D-Codeを編集する
[Network] Edited your D-Code.
Level Elf 上出来だ!褒めてやろう!
Level Elf
【ネットワーク】 段位 初段になる
[Network] Reached Level 11.
Dont Hate The Player ここは最高の餌場ではないか!
Don't Hate The Player
【ネットワーク】 プレイヤーマッチにて勝利する
[Network] Won a Player Match.
Lobbying For Change 最高の強者が集まる最高の舞台
Lobbying For Change
【ネットワーク】 ロビーにて3戦する
[Network] Fought 3 battles in the Lobby.
Driven To Succeed 終わらせますよ!
Driven To Succeed
Unleashed a character's Overdrive.
Driven to Win 法陣展開!
Driven to Win
Won a match with an Overdrive finish.
The Most Wonderful Thing About Triggers まずはそのガードをぶち壊す!
The Most Wonderful Thing About Triggers
Used the Crush Trigger over 100 times.
Ive Got A Crush On You クラッシュ☆バングー
I've Got A Crush On You
Penetrated Bang's guard using a Crush Trigger.
Throw Me A Bone Here スーパーぬるぬる魔神
Throw Me A Bone Here
Escaped 100 throws.
Burst Your Bubble ナイスバースト!
Burst Your Bubble
Missed a Break Burst.
Astral Neat Blue sanction
Astral Neat
Executed all Astral Heats.
All Mine 俺のモノになってくれ!
All Mine
Used Amane's Atral Heat on all male characters.
Its Time For Science さて、実験の時間だ……
It's Time For Science
Used Relius' Astral Heat on all female characters.
Hello World (CP) Hello world!
Hello World!
Welcome to the world of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma!
Number of the Black Beast 第666拘束機関開放!
Number of the Black Beast
Dished out 666 damage using Ragna.
Blizzard Warning 刹那如月雪華塵
Blizzard Warning
Hit the opponent with Jin's Sekkajin over 9 times in one round.
Chamber Music チャンバー内、正常加圧中
Chamber Music
Performed a counter hit using Noel's Type XVII: Chamber Shot.
Hurricane Rachel 今日は風が騒がしいわね
Hurricane Rachel
Used Rachel's Silpheed ability over 20 times during a round.
Gone In 62 Seconds 62秒でケリをつけるニャス!
Gone In 62 Seconds
Knocked the opponent out with Taokaka's "Aerial Dancing Edge!!" with 62 seconds on the clock.
Air Traffic Control まだまだルーキーだな
Air Traffic Control
Hit the opponent with Tager's Air Driver 3 times during a round.
Mahjong Mahjoff 御無礼
Mahjong, Mahjoff
Counter hit the opponent with Litchi's Nine Gates of Heaven.
Insecticide (CP) 怒首領蟲 大復活
Executed a 100+ hit combo using Arakune.
This Is The Nail That Will Pierce The Heavens お前の鉄槌に釘を打て!
This Is The Nail That Will Pierce The Heavens!
Knocked the opponent out with Bang's Overdrive ver. Ultra Technique: "Hyper Shadowstep Strike".
The Grand Finale かるるカンタービレ最終楽章
The Grand Finale
With Carl, knocked the opponent out using Cantabile followed by Fermata.
Hakumanhandled なんだ、ただのハクメンか
Dealt over 10,000 damage using Hakumen.
Did She Fire Six Swords Or Only Five ソードサマナーの数を数えろ
Did She Fire Six Swords Or Only Five
Used all of Nu's Sword Summoner abilities during one single combo.
Out Of Sight ヒントは……
Out Of Sight
Used all of Tsubaki's "D" version special attacks in a single combo.
Difficulty Does Not Scale この男、人を騙し喰らう蛇
Difficulty Does Not Scale
Knocked the opponent out with Hazama's Overdrive ver. "The Serpent's Unholy Wrath".
More Like Kusonagi 見せてやる、クサナギの剣を!
More Like Kusonagi
Used the Ikutachi Blade over 10 times in one round.
Galactical その強さ、ギャラクシー級!
Hit the opponent with all Lv.G attacks in one round.
There Wolf パーフェクトよ、ヴァルケンハイン
There Wolf
Dominated your opponent using Valkenhayn.
Why Dont You Have A Seat Over There このロリコンどもめ!
Why Don't You Have A Seat Over There
Successfully executed Happy Magika 3 times in one round.
Reproducable Results トラバサミノール再び
Reproducable Results
Used Geara Lugia 10 times in one round.
Sweet Sixteen インフィニット☆ジャスティス
Sweet Sixteen
Gathered 16 charges of Izayoi's Zero-Type Gauge in one round.
Cash In Your Chips CheapFinish!
Cash In Your Chips
Used Amane's various drive attacks to chip the opponent down to victory.
Rolling Blackouts わたし一人で十分だ
Rolling Blackouts
Knocked the opponent out with Bullet's Overdrive ver. "Blackout".
Your Weakness Is Your Weakness 殺ッテヤルデス
Your Weakness Is Your Weakness
Landed a Black Hawk Stinger with Azrael while both of the opponents' weak points were active.
Black Suits Men Best 男は黒に染まれ
Black Suits Men Best
【アーケード】 カグラでアーケードモードをクリアした
[Arcade] Finished Arcade Mode using Kagura.

DLC Теруми[]

Картинка Название Описание
Susanuhuh 漆黒のスサノオ
【アーケード】 テルミでアーケードモードをクリアする
[Arcade] Finished Arcade Mode using Terumi.
Get On My Level 弱い者イジメは好きじゃねぇなぁ!
Get On My Level
【チャレンジ】 チャレンジ20問クリアする
[Challenge] Executed over 20 of Terumi's challenges.
How Engauging 俺様のゲージがこんなに溜まりやすいわけがない
How Engauging
Used ALL of Terumi's Distortion Drives in one round.

DLC Коконое[]

Картинка Название Описание
Took You Long Enough 「最強」と「最高」の娘
Took You Long Enough
【アーケード】 ココノエでアーケードモードをクリアする
[Arcade] Finished Arcade Mode using Kokonoe.
Shocking Positively Shocking (CP) 科学こそ力だ!
Shocking... Positively Shocking
【チャレンジ】 ココノエのチャレンジ20問クリアする
[Challenge] Executed over 20 of Kokonoe's challenges.
Final Fusion Overload ファイナルフュージョン承認だ!
Final Fusion, Overload!
Dished out over 10,000 damage using Kokonoe's Golden Tager.